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2012 Year End Report

Box 690 Year End Report – 2012

 Box 690 responded to 107 incidents this year, 33 fewer calls than 2011. The busiest department was Kitchener with 44 calls, the Townships of North Dumfries, Wilmot, Wellesley, and Woolwich with 24 incidents, Cambridge with 26, and City of Waterloo with 13. Box 690 served 10,229 drinks and food items for the year.

The most challenging call of the year was the 17 July 2012 at 2936 Arthur St. North, just north of Elmira. Box 690 members were at Station 5 in Kitchener restocking supplies from a call in Petersburg when Floradale, Elmira, Conestogo and St Jacobs were toned out for a wood shop fire at 1020h. Floradale firefighters reported heavy smoke showing from the hall. This was the hottest day ever recorded on this date. The building was fully involved on arrival. The fire had spread to two 54’ trailers, piles of lumber on the E4 side of the building, and a large storage shed full of wood to the rear of the structure. More than 60 firefighters were on scene battling the fire in the heat of the day. Box 690 responded initially with three members. We were very fortunate to have the assistance of the Floradale FD Ladies Auxiliary at this fire. Box 690 was on scene for eight hours and served 1,278 food and drink items on the day. This was by far the largest call we have had in our 24 years.

The second largest fire of the year was 25 January 2012 at 20 Albert St. in St. Jacobs at the KalCare Polishing plant. Elmira and Conestogo fire fighters were on scene with full turnouts to assist at this fire. The call was dispatched at 1630h. Box 690 fired up the chili dogs for this call. The biggest question firefighters kept asking was, “Have we set the hot dog record yet?” We were instructed to keep putting on more hot dogs, and sausages, the record was going to fall this night. The record was set; 125 hot dogs and sausages were consumed, along with 367 drinks and snacks.

The third largest fire was 08 April 2012 at 1459 Edworthy Side Road. Four Cambridge Stations along with Ayr were dispatched for a fire at a lumber mill. Crews arrived to a well involved fire which had spread to a second structure and was threatening several others. New Dundee was called on Mutual Aid. Crews worked for hours to contain this fire and were able to save a number of buildings before the main fire was knocked down. Firefighters consumed 434 food and drink items at this large fire.

A big thank you goes out to Kitchener Fire Department, and the Kitchener mechanics for maintaining our truck. Thanks also to Cambridge Fire for support and fueling the truck when in Cambridge.

2012 had fewer calls than the previous year, but more large fires.  Box 690 served over 10,000 food and drinks for the second straight year.

Stay safe, and let’s keep the trend of fewer fires going.

December 2012 updates

December 7 10:10 am, Cambridge P5 A4 A2 T1 R1 and Car 6 dispatched for a possible house fire in the area of 1805 Main St E. A1 heard the call, they were on the way to an alarm ringing, and advised dispatch they would respond to the fire and have A2 back up P3 on the other call. P5 pulled out of their station and reported they had a large thermal column. P5 arrived on scene reported a large bungalow fire through the roof, defensive only, and asked for two more tankers. Ayr and Puslinch tankers were dispatched to the scene. Crews shuttled water from a hydrant approximately a mile west of the scene. A2 cleared from the alarm ringing responded to the fire. The building was a total loss. The truck rolled on the call, three members were on scene for three hours, served 88 hot and cold drinks, 24 hot dogs, and 101 snack items. Photo attached, more photos can be found on


December 11 12:50 am, Waterloo P2 P1 A1 Tanker 1 and Car 23 dispatched to a barn fire at 930 Erb St W across from the Regional Land Fill site. P2 arrived on scene and reported a barn fully involved with exposure problems. Kitchener and Baden tankers were requested to supplement water supply. P2 pulled a number of lines to protect exposures. Water was shuttled from a hydrant on Erb St. The truck rolled on the call knowing hot drinks would be needed. Two members on scene for 1.5 hours, served 45 drinks and 79 snack items.

 December 14 3:50 am, Kitchener P4 P3 A4 R1 and Car 23 dispatched to a house fire at 162 South Hill Dr. P4 arrived and reported heavy fire showing in the basement of the bungalow. P1 was added to the call at this point. P3 picked up the hydrant and two hand lines were stretched from P4. The fire was knocked down in 20 minutes, one member on scene for an hour, served 26 drinks.

 December 15 10:26 am, Kitchener P3 P2 A4 R1 and Car 23 dispatched to 346 Prospect Ave for a detached garage fire. P4 was responding to a med call and requested dispatch send P1 to their call and they responded to the fire. P3 arrived on scene and reported heavy smoke coming from a two bay detached garage. P4 picked up the hydrant for P3. Two hand lines from P3 knocked the fire down in 10 minutes. Photo attached, more photos from fire on Three members on scene one hour, served 15 drinks and 12 snacks.

 December 22 10:05 am, Waterloo P2 P1 A1 and Car 23 dispatched to a house fire at 692 B Star Flower Ave. P2 reported a thermal column as they turned onto Erbsville Road, more than a mile from the scene. P2 picked up a hydrant on the way in and pulled the initial 1.75” line to work the fire. The fire started in the garage, the owner opened the garage door and received second degree burns to her hands. Once the door was open, the 30 mph winds really fed the fire, pushing it into the house. Crews knocked down the fire in 30 minutes. The car was a write off, and the house sustained severe fire and smoke damage. The truck rolled on this call. Three members on scene two hours, served 35 drinks and 23 snack items. Photos of the fire can be found at

 Also attached is Breslau’s new pumper tanker, 2012 Spartan Metro Star Dependable 1050/2000/30



Happy New Year from all of us at Box 690.

May 2013 bring you health and happiness!

September 15 to 29, 2012 updates

September 15 1:55 am, Kitchener P4 A4 P3 R1 Car 23 dispatched to 245 Thaler Ave for a house fire. The address is two blocks from Station four on the corner of Fairway. P4 reported heavy fire visible twenty seconds after pulling out of the hall. P1 was added to the call as the third pumper on this report. P4 caught a hydrant across the street and pulled a 2.5” line to attack the fully involved large attached garage. There was a sports car in the garage, and a second car in the driveway on fire. P3 was instructed to catch the same hydrant and pull two lines to the E4 side of the house. R1 and A4 firefighters stretched two 1.5” lines from P4 to work on extension into the house and protect exposures. The fire was knocked down in 20 minutes. There was extensive overhaul. Four members responded to the call serving 38 drinks and six snacks, on scene 1.5 hours.

 September 18 5:50 am, Wellesley and St Clements were toned out for a Mennonite trailer manufacturing business on fire at 4074 Hessen Strasse, corner of Moser Young. St Clements arrived on scene first and reported a fully involved L shaped 100 x 100 building on fire with multiple exposures, one being a large barn only 40 feet away. Linwood tanker was added to the call, and a few minutes later the balance of Linwood was dispatched. Wellesley’s aerial was backed into the property and fed by a 4” line from St Clements pumper. Wellesley set up their pumper across the road at a water reservoir. Linwood pumper set up west of the fire to fill tankers. Multiple lines were pulled to fight the fire. Once the water was depleted from across the road, Wellesley’s pumper was set up to supply additional lines to the fire ground. Linwood pumper filled the three tankers, and had to move to a third reservoir on Moser Young. The aerial stream was able to cut the fire off on the E1 E2 corner of the building. The balance of the structure was completely gutted. A back hoe arrived on scene at 10 am to pull down some hazards. Fire was declared under control at this time. Damage was pegged at $650,000, OFM was on scene investigating. Two members and the truck on scene till11:15, served 111 cold drinks, 48 coffee, 80 snacks, and 60 breakfast McMuffins. Photo 006 shows Wellesley and St Clements pumpers pumping from port a tanks, Photo 009 Wellesley aerial saved this section of the building.


 September 22 1 pm, Linwood and Wellesley were dispatched to 5571 William Hastings for a silo fire. Linwood reported smoke showing before they arrived on scene. St Clements was added to the call to supplement water and manpower. Linwood was running the old Wellesley tanker (on loan from Asphodel) as their tanker was in for warranty work. The brakes would not release on the tanker so Wellesley chief requested Milverton’s tanker on mutual aid (firefighters fixed the problem and the truck arrived on scene 15 minutes later). Linwood pumper was set up beside the barn, dropped two porta tanks, and fed Wellesley’s aerial, and a 1.75” line into the barn. The silo was half full of corn. Water was applied sparingly from the aerial through an opening in the top of the silo. The auger to the silo was not working so crews had to cut around the auger feed and hand shovel and pick the now rock hard solid clump of burnt corn. Overhaul was strenuous, lasting almost two hours. Wellesley chief had firefighters free up Wellesley’s rescue in case they had another call. Not five minutes after turning the rescue around and reloading equipment, dispatch called for a women in labour, one baby delivered into a toilet and the second baby on the way. Four firefighters responded to the call which was a block from the hall in Wellesley. The second baby was coming out feet first on arrival. Fortunately a first responder (single paramedic) arrived minutes after their arrival. The first baby was doing well, and the second baby was delivered minutes later. Mom and babies are doing well. One of the firefighters that responded was happy to report that his two new nieces were doing okay when they arrived back at the silo fire.Three Box 690 members on scene for three hours, served 46 cold drinks and 110 snacks. (photo #44 firefighters and Mennonite farmers getting ready to shovel out the burnt corn)

 September 25 9:15 pm Waterloo P2 P1 A1 and car 23 dispatched to the new Nanobuilding at the University of Waterloo for a dumpster fire up beside the building. P2 arrived on scene and reported a large commercial dumpster was fully involved. P2 asked P1 to pick up a water supply. Firefighters pulled a 2.5” and a 1.75” line to the dumpster. The 40 foot dumpster was full of new building materials from the new Quantam Physics building. The dumpster was up beside the biology building. Students were being evacuated from the biology building by U of W police. P3 was added to the call to assist with ventilation of the two buildings. Three five gallon pails of foam were used to extinguish the fire. One Box 690 member on scene one hour, served 30 cold drinks.

 September 26, 3:15 pm Kitchener P6 P1 A4 R1 and Car 23 were dispatched to Conestoga College for a chimney fire at the central maintenance and power house. P6 arrived on scene and reported smoke coming form the chimney and seeping through the mortar. P1 caught a hydrant, but the line was never charged. A4 was pulled in tight to the chimney and raised their platform to the top of the 90’ chimney. A4 applied some water from the top, and P6 pulled a line into the building. Crews worked for an hour to extinguish the fire. Crews used water very sparingly to extinguish the fire. One member was on scene 1.5 hours and served 18 drinks and 32 snacks.

 September 29 1:30 pm, Kitchener P4 A4 P1 R1 and Car 23 dispatched for a possible shed fire behind Wendell Motors on Fairway Rd. P4 arrived on scene and reported nothing visible. Dispatch received a second call from a business on Webster Rd, right behind Wendell Motors reporting a grass fire at the rear of his property. P4 rerouted to the call and reported they had a grass fire at the rear of the building. Firefighters pulled one line to work the fire from below. P1 was directed to go the Wendell Motors and check for extension along the railroad tracks. A4 hand laid a supply line to the front of the building as a precaution. The fire was knocked down quickly. One member on scene 30 minutes, served 16 cold drinks.

August 26 to September 12, 2012 updates

August 26 12:15 am, Kitchener P4 A4 P3 R1 Car 23 were dispatched to a shed fire with exposures at 4 Country Clare Crescent. P4 arrived on scene and reported a well involved small shed was on fire. Two hand lines were pulled and the fire was knocked down quickly. One member responded and served 15 drinks.

 August 26 9:15 pm, Cambridge P5 A1 A4 A2 R1 Haz Mat and Car 6 were dispatched to an explosion and fire due to a drug lab with two burn victims at 22 Arthur White. P5 arrived on scene and reported owners reported the fire was out, and had two burn victims, one serious and one with minor burns due to a flash fire. Crews packed up and confirmed the fire was out. Station four and one units attended to the burn victims. Three members responded in personal vehicles, served 31 drinks, on scene one hour.

 September 1 5:20 pm, P4 A4 P3 R1 and Car 23 were dispatched to Red Lobster restaurant on King St E for a possible fire. P4 reported smoke showing from the expressway and asked for a third pumper. P1 was added to the call at this time. P3 reverse laid for P4. They had a fire above the entrance to the building. The fire was knocked down quickly with some minor overhaul. Three members responded, served 16 drinks, on scene one hour.

 September 10 12:55 am, all of Floradale, Elmira P1 R4, Conestogo tanker, and St Jacobs tanker were dispatched to a barn fire at 2319 Floradale Road, which is located in the north end of Floradale. Floradale firefighters responding to the hall had to drive right by the barn. They reported a fully involved large barn with numerous exposures. Floradale district chief requested mutual aid tankers from St Clements, and Drayton (Wellington County). Once on scene Floradale pumper backed into the laneway and set up their port a tank. Two 2.5” and two 1.5 inch lines were pulled to protect exposures and cool down the 200 head of cattle that were beside the barn. St Jacobs pumper and rescue were requested to respond while Floradale was still pulling lines. Two lines were pulled from the St Jacobs pumper when it arrived. It set up beside the Floradale pumper and drafted from the two port a tanks that were set up. Elmira’s pumper laid out their entire load of 4” line and drafted from the pond in the center of town. Additional 4” line was pulled off tankers to complete the 1,800 foot feed. Crews successfully protected exposures and the cattle. We rolled the truck to the call, had four members on scene till just after three when the next call came in. Floradale ladies helped us by making coffee, sandwiches and soup. They arrived just minutes before we were paged to the Kitchener fire. We served 39 cold drinks, 24 coffee, and 95 snacks.

 September 10 3:05 am, Kitchener P1 R1 P4 A4 and Car 23 were dispatched to Hercules Tire for a water flow alarm at 21 Ardelt Place. P1 arrived on scene and after a quick size of this very large building, reported they had heavy smoke inside the building. The former steel company building is approximately 600 x 100’ with a 40 foot interior open ceiling. The building houses numerous machines for retreading tires and a large stock of tires. P4 reverse laid a 4 inch line from P1 at the rear of the building to the hydrant at the front. Crews pulled three lines into the interior. Box 690 was paged at 3:15 once a working fire was declared. One member left the scene while the three remaining members quickly packed up supplies at the barn fire. The fire was located on a machine, deep inside the building. The fire was knocked down quickly once it was located. Three members and our truck responded to this call. We served 29 drinks and 22 snacks at the fire. We left the scene at 4:35 am. Crews packed up the hydrant line and had P7 and the tanker respond to the scene at 5 am. They were on scene until 8 am attending to some hot spots.

 September 11 11:00 am, Kitchener P4 A4 P6 R1 and Car 23 were dispatched to the City works yards on Goodrich Dr. for a vehicle fire inside the building. P4 reported smoke showing on arrival. They pulled two lines and quickly knocked down the fire. Sprinklers had contained most of the fire. One member responded, served 10 drinks which is not enough for us to make this an official call.

 September 12 3:05 pm, Kitchener P5 and P7 (both pumpers were at HQ training) R1 A6 (A4 moved to station six due to shortage of firefighters) and Car 23 were dispatched to the Regional Water treatment plant at 2090 Ottawa St S for a roof fire. P1 (75’ Quint) was added to the call as an aerial as they were at Station 5 on cover off and were much closer to the call than A6. Crews arrived on scene with light smoke showing from the roof. Roofers had a garden hose flowing on the small fire. P1’s aerial was set up and a 1.5” line was pulled up to the roof. Crews went on air and started to pull the roof apart. One member was on the way to the fire when command asked for us to respond. Crews had to remove a large section of the roof. The 20 firefighters on scene were rotated from the fire to rehab over the next two hours. Firefighters consumed 78 cold drinks and a number of snacks at this fire. We cleared the call at 5:50 pm.

August 20 to 24, 2012 updates

August 20 10:15 pm, Kitchener Fire Dispatch toned out a full response from Conestogo and Maryhill, and for St Jacobs tanker for a buggy shop on fire behind 40 Sunset in Winterbourne. Firefighters were still at all three stations as this was training night. Trucks were rolling within a minute with Conestogo arriving on scene first, reporting nothing visible. The 30 x 60 log cabin building was back off the road in heavily treed area. A quick 360 was initiated by command. Firefighters reported they had a working fire in the attic. Three lines were pulled back to the building. Conestogo set up their port-a-tank on the road while Maryhill’s pumper set up a block away at a reservoir to fill tankers. The fire was knocked down in 20 minutes. Three members responded, served 38 drinks and 70 snacks, on scene 1.5 hours.

August 21 5:30 am, Cambridge A1 R1 P5 A2 A4 and Car 6 were dispatched for an apartment fire at 44 Grantham Ave. The building was a very large 2.5 story duplex that was divided into a number of apartments.P5 arrived on scene first and reported a working fire with flames venting out the E2 side of the building. Dispatch reported there could be two adults still in the building. Two lines were stretched into the first floor apartment, A1 picked up the hydrant on the way in. Primary and secondary searches of both buildings were negative. Paramedics treated on victim for burns and smoke inhalation, transported to hospital. The fire was started by careless smoking in bed. The fire was knocked down in 15 minutes. Being an old building, firefighters had a lot of overhaul. Two members responded, were on scene an hour, served 31 cold drinks, and a few snacks.

August 23, 10:00 am Baden Fire dispatched to 1061 Snyder’s Rd for an out of control burn. The resident had a burn permit to clean up wood from a barn that was being torn down. The permit allowed him to burn small piles of wood, during daylight hours, and had to be attended by the resident at all times. The foundation of the large barn was full of wood and other unknown material. He lit the entire contents. Baden responded with both pumpers, tanker and rescue. Once on scene they had a very large fire to contend with. Lines were stretched around the foundation to cool trees, knock down some fire that had spread to the field, and slow down some of the fire burning in the foundation. New Dundee’s tanker was requested to the scene to augment water supply. A number of small explosions forced firefighters to back away from the fire. The owner didn’t know what was left in the foundation to cause the explosions. Water was shuttled from a hydrant on the edge of Baden, about a mile away. Lines were pulled from both pumpers. Crews cooled the area around the fire, and put water on the foundation for a little over an hour. New Dundee tanker was cleared just after 11, and Baden left the scene 40 minutes later. The fire was left to burn itself out for the balance of the day. Two members were on scene 1.5 hours, served 26 drinks and a couple of snacks.

 August 23, 3:15 pm, Waterloo P1 P3 A1 and Car 23 dispatched to a possible structure fire at 41 King St N. Dispatch advised responding trucks that they were receiving multiple calls on the fire. Car 23 requested P2 head to the call. One of our members started for the call, stopping at the station to pick up extra drinks. A second member was leaving work to pick up the truck after Car 23 arrived on scene and reported heavy smoke showing from the rear of the building. KFD paged me as I was driving to the hall to get the truck. I had not radioed them to advise we were responding as they were extremely busy with two calls. I had another member radio dispatch to let them know we were responding to the fire. Dispatch asked us to attend a second call in Kitchener, see details below. Waterloo P1 and A1 both caught hydrants and set up on King St. P3 picked up a hydrant on Dupont and pulled into a laneway at the rear of the building. The fire appeared to have started in an empty former convenience store and at 43 King N. P3 reported heavy fire and smoke and that they could not attack the fire due to hydro wires above the fire. A number of 1.75 and 2.5 inch lines were pulled in the front and rear. A 2.5 story former post office was located three feet from the fire building on the E2 side, while a number of other business were less than five feet away on the E4 side. An occupied fish and chip store was the attached to the convenience store, and there were two occupied apartments above. Lines were set up to cool exposures and fight the fire. The fire was venting through the roof within 20 minutes. P2 picked up a fourth hydrant and pulled additional lines. This was one of the smokiest fires we have ever attended. One minute the street was clear, the next minute you could not see a truck, they were totally blocked out by smoke. All four pump operators were wearing their SCBA. Smoke would clear at the front, and the back would be totally blanketed. We had to move around to try to stay out of the smoke. At times our truck was in fairly heavy smoke. Night shift firefighters were shuttled to the scene after 5 pm, as well P12 responded and picked up a fifth hydrant, and used their monitor to work the fire. The fire was marked under control around 8pm. One truck was on scene all night attending to flare ups. We had seven members on scene for six hours, served 225 cold drinks, 60 snacks, 25 hot dogs, two pizza’s and fifteen subs. Two Kore Kooling chairs set up.

 August 23, approximately 1:15 pm, Kitchener P2 A2 P3 R1 and Car 23 dispatched to 300 Frederick St for a “firecracker” call. This is the code for a potential bomb call. Trucks were staged a block from the building. P2 conferred with the lone police officer on scene. He confirmed there was a package in a recycling box with a digital thermometer on top with wires running into small box. A2 and P3 blocked Frederick St. Homes close to the area were evacuated. Police converged on the scene to help with evacuation and setting up a unified command. Command requested Box 690 to the scene at 3:15, the same time as the Waterloo fire. None of us caught this request. A third member left work, headed to his house which was a couple of blocks from the call. He picked up 38 cold drinks which he dropped off at the scene and then headed to the Waterloo fire.

 August 23, 10:50 pmCambridge dispatched A1 and P5 to 32 Lena for an automatic alarm. A2 was two blocks from the call, returning from an auto alarm at the hospital. They responded to the call in place of P5. They arrived on scene two minutes later and reported they had light smoke showing on the second floor. The call was upgraded to a structure fire, with R1 P5 and P3 being added to the run. P5 picked up a hydrant on the way in. A2 pulled one line to the second floor while A1 was performing a search. A1 captain ran out of air and a mayday was called by A2 portable. His man down alarm was activated and he ran down the stairs as quickly as he could. Fortunately he got out safely and picked up another air cylinder. A second line was pulled into the building at this time. The fire was burning in the basement of the house. The basement was actually the first floor of the building, a very different design of house. Once located the fire was knocked down quickly. Two members on scene one hour, served 47 cold drinks and some snacks.

This is the first time in our history that we have had four calls in one day.

 August 24, Waterloo fire called one of our members by phone to request we drop off more drinks and snacks at the King St call. A snack tray and 24 drinks were dropped off just before noon. A1 was still working on hot spots. The Ontario Fire Marshall was called in, damage will likely hit $1,000,000.


August 9 to 17, 2012 updates.

August 9, 7:15 am, Waterloo P2 P1 A1 Car 23 dispatched to a house under construction at 311 Thornhill Place on fire. P2 arrived on scene first reported a partially constructed house fully involved with collapse into the foundation, second house fully involved, and third house with fire showing on roof. The radiant heat from the fire prevented P2 from going up the street past the fire. P3 was added to the call by 23 at this point. P2 pulled a 4” line up past the fire to a hydrant in front 315. They pulled two 1.75” and one 2.5”  hose, and set up their master stream from the aerial. A1 pulled a 2.5” to use to protect 319 and work on the fire on 315. P1 caught a second hydrant and laid in a 4” line for themselves and pulled in behind P2. P1 pulled a 2.5” and two 1.75” lines. A1 was instructed to catch a hydrant on Ira Needles Blvd and set up for tower operations to knock down the fire at 319 and protect that house. The houses backed on to Ira Needles Blvd. Crews knocked down the fire on 319 very quickly and were able to save the house. P3 arrived on scene and pulled a second 4” line to feed P2. 315 was totally gutted and will have to be rebuilt. 311 had one floor completed, all that was left was the foundation. The fire was declared under control an hour after arrival  and not totally extinguished to late afternoon. Due to the heavy fire damage in 315 most of the mop up was done from the exterior of the house. We had three members on scene initially, two stayed to early afternoon. Firefighters consumed 110 drinks, 100 snacks, and 35 breakfast Egg McMuffins. Damage pegged at $700,000.

 August 11, 1:30 pm Kitchener P4 A4 P3 R1 and Car 23 dispatched to a possible house fire on Jansen Ave. P4 arrived first and reported light smoke showing. The owner of the house was doing some renovations and had a smoldering fire in the basement wall. The fire was knocked down quickly. Car 23 had our cooler and coffee thermos in his vehicle. He brought it from the St Clements barn fire we had on July 26. I headed over to pick it up and see if the guys wanted any drinks. Crews didn’t have to work to hard at this call, took six Gatorade and six water which is not enough for us to make this an official call.

 August 12 9:00 am, Cambridge P3 A2 A1 R1 P5 and Car 6 dispatched for an explosion at 1531 Eagle St north at the Cango gas station. P3 arrived on scene first and reported nothing showing. They could smell gasoline and the attendant confirmed he had had an explosion when he turned on his pumps. He reported that a section of the driveway lifted up from the explosion. P3 covered the area in foam. Businesses on the property, a variety store and restaurant were evacuated and natural gas to the buildings was locked and tagged out. The Ontario Fire Marshall was notified due to the explosion and responded. TSSA, and Union gas were also notified and responded to the scene. Upon that report one member headed to the scene to drop off 26 cold drinks. One truck was on scene until late afternoon, with different crews being rotated to the scene.

 August 14 8:15 pm Ayr fire toned out for heavy smoke coming from 1098 Industrial Rd. Once on the air, Ayr requested a full turnout from New Dundee. Once on scene, crews had heavy black smoke coming from the doors and eaves of the business. Lines were pulled and crews went on an offensive attack in the structure. They had three vehicles on fire in the building. New Dundee pumper was set up to fill tankers from a reservoir close to the fire. We rolled our truck and had four members on scene. I was paged by members for the fire at 8:42. I had to work till 9:20 so I didn’t respond until then. Crews pulled numerous lines and set up a port-a-tank. There was one cube van, a large Badger truck, and a mid size truck all fully involved in the building. Fire was knocked down by 10 pm when the trucks could be pulled from the building by a tow truck. Damage was pegged at $750,000, served 89 drinks and 100 snacks. The Kore Kooling chairs were also set up as one firefighter was being treated for heat exhaustion.

 Once I left work, I was requested to pick up buns to make hot dogs at the Ayr fire. I stopped at the closest variety store which was at Shantz Hill and Preston Parkway in Cambridge. Just as I was getting ready to go into the store, Cambridge P3 A2 A1 R1 P5 and Car 6 were dispatched to 249 Schlueter St for a house fire. Plans changed and I headed to the fire. I arrived on scene as P3 was pulling the first line to the rear of the house. Car 6 A1 and R1 arrived on scene. Car six reported police on scene, and Box 690 on scene on his arrival. I told the guys afterwards don’t expect us to get there before the second station very often. P1 pulled a second line to the basement, and A2 picked up a hydrant. The visible fire on the exterior of the house was knocked down quickly. Walls were pulled in the basement to get to some smoldering. Crews had the fire under control in 20 minutes and loss stop in 25 minutes. Served 26 drinks and 20 snacks, and was backed up by a second member who left the Ayr call to back me up.

 August 15 6:15 pm, Waterloo P3 P1 A1 and Car 23 dispatched to a confirmed fire at 607 Colby Dr. P3 arrived on scene first and reported heavy smoke coming from the building. P4 was added to the call at this point. Heavy cutters had to be used to cut the lock off the fence of the property which delayed crews slightly. P1 picked up a hydrant on the way in as did P4 on their arrival. A 2.5’ and two 1.75” lines were stretched to fight the fire. Once inside P3 reported heavy fire in the rear of the building. A backhoe was on fire with extension to the structure. The bulk of the fire was knocked down in 30 minutes. Crews had to pull insulation from the ceiling and lots of overhaul. We rolled our truck and had four members on scene for two hours, serving 57 drinks and close to a 100 snacks. Damage pegged at $125,000

 August 17 1:30 am, Kitchener P5 P2 A2 R1 and Car 23 dispatched to a house fire at 111 Belmont St W. P5 arrived on scene and reported smoke showing from the upstairs. P5 pulled one 1.5” line to the side of the house and opened up the walls to get a smoldering fire. Box 690 was paged at 1:58 to respond. Crews had a very quick knock down on the fire. On the way to the scene station two units were released. P1 was dispatched to a dumpster fire a couple of blocks away on Highland and Westmount, the second dumpster fire in the area in two hours. It was raining fairly heavily, so served guys a quick drink on Belmont and drove over to see P1. Nice quick call, only served 21 drinks, and was back home in an hour.


July 28 and July 30 updates

Saturday July 28 5:55 pm, Kitchener P5 P2 A2 R1 Car 23 Car 24 dispatched to 545 Belmont Ave Westfor an automatic alarm. A2 arrived on scene first and reported smoke from the seventh floor. The superintendant of the high rise was indicating they had a fire in the trash chute. P5 and P2 arrived shortly after. Crews went on air and found the fire in the garbage room was out. They had to clear heavy smoke from the seventh floor down. We didn’t roll on the call as the fire was out. At 6:25 command requested we respond. Three members responded and served drinks and snacks to the tired crews. Crews went through two bottles each clearing the smoke. We were only on scene 45 minutes.

 Monday July 30 10:00 am, Kitchener P4 A4 P3 R1 and Car 23 dispatched to 16 Clark Ave for a house fire. P4 arrived on scene and reported a working fire. P6 was added to the call at this point. Crews pulled a couple of hand lines and went to work on the basement. The fire was knocked down quickly. Four dogs were found alive in the house, three perished. Two members on scene an hour, damage pegged at $75,000.

 Monday July 30 10:15 pm, Kitchener toned out Floradale full response, Elmira P1 R4, Conestogo and St Jacobs tankers for a barn fire at 2532 Northfield Dr East. Floradale pumper was returning from training at WESTRC and asked that Conestogo pumper also respond as they would be first pumper in. Conestogo rescue also responded at this point. Elmira and Conestogo pumpers arrived on scene simultaneously just after Floradales rescue reported smoke showing from the barn. Hay in the hay mow was smoking. Two lines were pulled from Elmira’s pumper to cool the hay. Crews were advised all personnel in the barn were to be on SCBA. Floradales pumper set up at a gravel pit on Line 86 to fill tankers. Crews cooled the pile, which then had to be removed from the barn. Firefighters dumped three tankers of water on the hay before going into overhaul. We had two members on scene for an hour, served 40 drinks and lots of snacks.

July 26 update

Severe thunderstorms rolled through the Region around 2 am this morning. Kitchener and Cambridge fire dispatchers were kept very busy with alarm ringing calls throughout the region. Linwood and St Clements had just returned to their stations from a false alarm when Kitchener dispatched them to 1888 Listowel Rd at 2:27 am for a barn fire. St Clements District Chief Dennis Ertel asked dispatch if the fire was on their side of the road or Woolwich’s side? Dispatch confirmed it was a Wellesley Township call. St Clements reported they could see the barn was fully involved from their hall and requested a full response from Floradale. St Clements set up their pumper between the barn and the farm house and set up two port a tanks. The barn was fully involved with live wires down, and approximately 100 head of cattle beside the structure. Big lines were pulled from their pumper. A four inch line was dragged around the rear of the barn and reduced to a 2.5” line to protect exposures in the rear. Three more 2.5” lines were pulled to the side and front of the barn. One was y’d into a 1.5” and 2.5” lines. Crews cooled the cattle and worked on a small 20 x 40 shed that was well involved. Floradale set up their pumper at the front of a second house about 50 feet from the main driveway into the farm. They dropped their port a tank and pulled one 2.5” line which was reduced to a 1.5” line, and two additional 1.5” lines. The first line was used to cool the house and the other two lines were stretched to the front of the barn. Tankers could not keep up to the demand for water, so command asked for St Jacobs tanker, and shortly after Wellesley’s new tanker. This was its first fire. Crews were able to save both houses, a large shop, and number of out buildings at the rear of the property. Two cattle trucks were called to remove the cattle from the farm. They made seven trips in all. Water was shuttled from a hydrant at Arthur St South and Listowel road, and from a reservoir nearby. Linwood’s pumper filled tankers at the reservoir. The fire was under control in three hours. Lightning is the expected cause, damage has been pegged at $850,000. We rolled the truck, had four members on scene for four hours, served 129 drinks and 100 snacks.



July 7 to 16, 2012 updates

The heat is here and calls are picking up!

 July 7 Kitchener received a call for a house fire at 12 Ellis Ave at 3:10 am. P2 A2 P3 R1 and Car 23 dispatched on the first alarm. P2 arrived on scene and reported the house was fully involved with flames venting out the E3 E4 corner windows up to roof of this large two storey home. P5 was added to the call for as the third pumper. A2 picked up the hydrant for P2, crews pulled four lines off P2 to fight the fire. A2 set up for pulling down the soffits and vented the roof. P1 and A4 were added to the call at 4 am. P7 brought air bottles from HQ where they were moved up to cover that part of the city. The fire was declared under control at 4:30, and extinguished by 5:15. We were on scene till 8:30 , rolled the truck, and had four five members on scene. We served 92 cold drinks, 16 coffee for the day shift crews, and 36 snacks.

 July 9 2:04 am, Cambridge P5 A2 A1 P3 R1 and Car 6 dispatched to 194 Northview Heights Dr for a house fire. Cambridge is now rolling four stations to confirmed structure fires, while the fifth station rolls to HQ or the Delta for standby. A1 was on scene first and reported a working basement fire. P5 picked up the hydrant and crews worked to contain the fire. They had a quick knock down and had the fire out when we arrived. Two members responded, and served 35 cold drinks, and 26 snack items.

July 11 2:15 pm, Kitchener toned out Breslau pumper, Maryhill all three trucks, Conestogo tanker and rescue, and St Jacobs tanker for a working grass fire with exposures at 1376 Shantz Station Road.Breslau and Maryhill arrive on scene at the same time and reported smoke and fire visible. Maryhill pulled their tanker beside the house and dropped their porta tank beside the truck. Two lines were pulled to work the fire along with lots of brooms. The owner was burning trash, even though there is a total fire ban in the county now. Crews ran water from two hydrants on Menno and Fountain St, a few miles from the call. I responded from work, picking up a second cooler of drinks at home on my way. I served 33 cold drinks, on scene an hour.

 July 12 3:40 pm Kitchener had two fires on the go. P7 responded to a large grass fire at Rockwood and Erinbrook. At the same time a number of stations were responding to a reported house fire onRauch Court. Crews responding to the house fire reported they could see smoke from the grass fire. The home owner on Rauch knocked the porch fire down with a garden hose. P7 had a good grass fire going, had to pick up a hydrant to supplement their tank. One member responded to the call due to the hot day and served 15 cold drinks to firefighters and a number of police officers on scene.

 July 13 5:05 pmCambridge toned out P5 A4 A1 A2 R1 and Car 6 for a house fire at 67 Ploughman Cres. P3 would normally have taken in the call, but they had just been rear ended by a car five minutes before this call came in. Crews had a good loom while enroute to the call. A4 arrived on scene first, reported a garage fire with possible extension to the first floor. P5 picked up a hydrant on the way in for them. Once the 360 was done, A4 captain reported first floor and basement fully involved. A 2.5” was pulled to the rear. Crews attempted entry into the rear to cut the fire off. They reported a hole in the floor and were immediately pulled out and crews went defensive. Fire was through the roof in less than ten minutes. A4 was set up and used their monitor to knock down the heavy fire in the attic. Firefighters worked 50 minutes to bring the fire under control. Four members responded to the call and we rolled the truck. Traffic was brutal, took us quite some time to get to the call. A neighbor had dropped off a case of water before I arrived on scene with my cooler. I was met by two crews from the day shift that were just clearing the scene. They took eight Gatorades from me before I could get around to the fire building. In all we were on scene three hours and served 101 cold drinks, 74 snacks and three dozen chili dogs.

July 14 7:45 am, Kitchener P2 A2 P3 R1 and Car 23 dispatched to 16 Centennial Road for garbage on fire inside the recycling building. We have had a few fires at this location over the years. I was paged to the fire before crews arrived on scene. I was actually still asleep, which was very unusual for me. I was on scene with two coolers when they called their first 10 minute par. The fire is only a few blocks from my house. P3 dropped their 4” line on the way in. P2 picked it up and hooked into a hydrant up the road to relay pump to them. Crews used 18 lengths of hose to supply water to P3. A backhoe and front end loader pulled piles of garbage out of the building where firefighters had two lines to knock fire. The recycling company also had a line off a private hydrant that use daily to water down the large piles of garbage. We were on scene an hour, served  26 cold drinks and 15 snacks.

 July 16 Car 23 was assisting police and other emergency responders at a call at 240 Kingswood Dr. Car 23 asked for a pumper to respond, and to pick up the haz mat truck on the way in, non emergency. Crews suited up in full haz mat level two suits and assisted police. I responded with cold drinks when I heard they were going to be wearing the haz mat suits. I served 18 cold drinks to crews on scene. This was a quick call, was on scene 45 minutes.

In other news, Kitchener P6, the 75’ quint, has been moved to run as P1. When staffing is down in Kitchener, A4 is sent to station six and runs as a Quint from that station. I had a bit of a surprise while in Ayr a couple of weeks ago at the monthly Mutual Aid meeting. Ayr fire has built a large garage out back of their station, done mostly with donations from the public (total cost $2,000). They are restoring their original 1930 model A Ford chemical pumper. The truck was found close to home in a field. The owner donated it to the department. The frame and front end have been redone. The engine was rebuilt by a local company that races cars. They are hoping to have the truck done for the International Ploughing Match in the fall. The only thing they didn’t have on the truck was the original chemical tanks. They will have to fabricate them.