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9/11 Memorial


New Rehab Truck

The new Box 690 Rehab Truck.


In January of 2010, 6902’s transmission failed. The cost to effect repairs was deemed too high and 6902 was retired after many years of reliable, active service and eventually decommissioned. Canteen service continued uninterrupted, using members personal vehicles, reminiscent of the early days without a dedicated truck.

Coincidentally, Wilmot Township had purchased a new replacement unit for New Dundee Rescue #27. Wilmot Township donated the retiring Rescue #27 to Box 690 and it has been reworked into a replacement field kitchen dubbed “6903”. A 6500 watt generator (donated by Cambridge Fire) and new wiring system have been installed. The interior has been remodeled into a kitchen configuration complete with microwave, fluorescent lighting, and multiple electric outlets for coffeemaker, fry pan, electric kettle etc.

6903 is a 1986 International/Dependable which served until late 1993 in the City of Waterloo as Rescue #1. Purchased by Wilmot Township when Waterloo adopted the rescue/pumper concept, the unit was assigned to New Dundee station as Rescue #27 where it served until early 2010.

6903 went into service on 17 August 2010 and worked its inaugural call less than 24 hours later attending a storage/garage building fire on Fountain St., Cambridge, just after midnight. 6903 functioned flawlessly and has attended a number of incidents and events since, with rave reviews as to its efficiency, comfort, and convenience.

6903 is sponsored and maintained through an arrangement with the City of Kitchener and with continuing support of Kitchener Fire, Cambridge Fire, Waterloo Fire and fire departments of Wilmot, Woolwich, Wellesley, and North Dumfries townships.

Box 690 – 100%volunteer since 1988.

Cambridge Fire Museum

Cambridge Fire Museum

New photos in the gallery


The gallery has been updated with some older archived pictures, and we hope to get all of the up to date shots up soon.

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Recognition award

The members of Box 690 were presented with a public recognition plaque on February 8, 2008 at the Cambridge Fire Department’s ‘Recognition Day’ event.


Congratulations to everyone!

Award of Recognition