July 7 to 16, 2012 updates

The heat is here and calls are picking up!

 July 7 Kitchener received a call for a house fire at 12 Ellis Ave at 3:10 am. P2 A2 P3 R1 and Car 23 dispatched on the first alarm. P2 arrived on scene and reported the house was fully involved with flames venting out the E3 E4 corner windows up to roof of this large two storey home. P5 was added to the call for as the third pumper. A2 picked up the hydrant for P2, crews pulled four lines off P2 to fight the fire. A2 set up for pulling down the soffits and vented the roof. P1 and A4 were added to the call at 4 am. P7 brought air bottles from HQ where they were moved up to cover that part of the city. The fire was declared under control at 4:30, and extinguished by 5:15. We were on scene till 8:30 , rolled the truck, and had four five members on scene. We served 92 cold drinks, 16 coffee for the day shift crews, and 36 snacks.

 July 9 2:04 am, Cambridge P5 A2 A1 P3 R1 and Car 6 dispatched to 194 Northview Heights Dr for a house fire. Cambridge is now rolling four stations to confirmed structure fires, while the fifth station rolls to HQ or the Delta for standby. A1 was on scene first and reported a working basement fire. P5 picked up the hydrant and crews worked to contain the fire. They had a quick knock down and had the fire out when we arrived. Two members responded, and served 35 cold drinks, and 26 snack items.

July 11 2:15 pm, Kitchener toned out Breslau pumper, Maryhill all three trucks, Conestogo tanker and rescue, and St Jacobs tanker for a working grass fire with exposures at 1376 Shantz Station Road.Breslau and Maryhill arrive on scene at the same time and reported smoke and fire visible. Maryhill pulled their tanker beside the house and dropped their porta tank beside the truck. Two lines were pulled to work the fire along with lots of brooms. The owner was burning trash, even though there is a total fire ban in the county now. Crews ran water from two hydrants on Menno and Fountain St, a few miles from the call. I responded from work, picking up a second cooler of drinks at home on my way. I served 33 cold drinks, on scene an hour.

 July 12 3:40 pm Kitchener had two fires on the go. P7 responded to a large grass fire at Rockwood and Erinbrook. At the same time a number of stations were responding to a reported house fire onRauch Court. Crews responding to the house fire reported they could see smoke from the grass fire. The home owner on Rauch knocked the porch fire down with a garden hose. P7 had a good grass fire going, had to pick up a hydrant to supplement their tank. One member responded to the call due to the hot day and served 15 cold drinks to firefighters and a number of police officers on scene.

 July 13 5:05 pmCambridge toned out P5 A4 A1 A2 R1 and Car 6 for a house fire at 67 Ploughman Cres. P3 would normally have taken in the call, but they had just been rear ended by a car five minutes before this call came in. Crews had a good loom while enroute to the call. A4 arrived on scene first, reported a garage fire with possible extension to the first floor. P5 picked up a hydrant on the way in for them. Once the 360 was done, A4 captain reported first floor and basement fully involved. A 2.5” was pulled to the rear. Crews attempted entry into the rear to cut the fire off. They reported a hole in the floor and were immediately pulled out and crews went defensive. Fire was through the roof in less than ten minutes. A4 was set up and used their monitor to knock down the heavy fire in the attic. Firefighters worked 50 minutes to bring the fire under control. Four members responded to the call and we rolled the truck. Traffic was brutal, took us quite some time to get to the call. A neighbor had dropped off a case of water before I arrived on scene with my cooler. I was met by two crews from the day shift that were just clearing the scene. They took eight Gatorades from me before I could get around to the fire building. In all we were on scene three hours and served 101 cold drinks, 74 snacks and three dozen chili dogs.

July 14 7:45 am, Kitchener P2 A2 P3 R1 and Car 23 dispatched to 16 Centennial Road for garbage on fire inside the recycling building. We have had a few fires at this location over the years. I was paged to the fire before crews arrived on scene. I was actually still asleep, which was very unusual for me. I was on scene with two coolers when they called their first 10 minute par. The fire is only a few blocks from my house. P3 dropped their 4” line on the way in. P2 picked it up and hooked into a hydrant up the road to relay pump to them. Crews used 18 lengths of hose to supply water to P3. A backhoe and front end loader pulled piles of garbage out of the building where firefighters had two lines to knock fire. The recycling company also had a line off a private hydrant that use daily to water down the large piles of garbage. We were on scene an hour, served  26 cold drinks and 15 snacks.

 July 16 Car 23 was assisting police and other emergency responders at a call at 240 Kingswood Dr. Car 23 asked for a pumper to respond, and to pick up the haz mat truck on the way in, non emergency. Crews suited up in full haz mat level two suits and assisted police. I responded with cold drinks when I heard they were going to be wearing the haz mat suits. I served 18 cold drinks to crews on scene. This was a quick call, was on scene 45 minutes.

In other news, Kitchener P6, the 75’ quint, has been moved to run as P1. When staffing is down in Kitchener, A4 is sent to station six and runs as a Quint from that station. I had a bit of a surprise while in Ayr a couple of weeks ago at the monthly Mutual Aid meeting. Ayr fire has built a large garage out back of their station, done mostly with donations from the public (total cost $2,000). They are restoring their original 1930 model A Ford chemical pumper. The truck was found close to home in a field. The owner donated it to the department. The frame and front end have been redone. The engine was rebuilt by a local company that races cars. They are hoping to have the truck done for the International Ploughing Match in the fall. The only thing they didn’t have on the truck was the original chemical tanks. They will have to fabricate them.

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