July 26 update

Severe thunderstorms rolled through the Region around 2 am this morning. Kitchener and Cambridge fire dispatchers were kept very busy with alarm ringing calls throughout the region. Linwood and St Clements had just returned to their stations from a false alarm when Kitchener dispatched them to 1888 Listowel Rd at 2:27 am for a barn fire. St Clements District Chief Dennis Ertel asked dispatch if the fire was on their side of the road or Woolwich’s side? Dispatch confirmed it was a Wellesley Township call. St Clements reported they could see the barn was fully involved from their hall and requested a full response from Floradale. St Clements set up their pumper between the barn and the farm house and set up two port a tanks. The barn was fully involved with live wires down, and approximately 100 head of cattle beside the structure. Big lines were pulled from their pumper. A four inch line was dragged around the rear of the barn and reduced to a 2.5” line to protect exposures in the rear. Three more 2.5” lines were pulled to the side and front of the barn. One was y’d into a 1.5” and 2.5” lines. Crews cooled the cattle and worked on a small 20 x 40 shed that was well involved. Floradale set up their pumper at the front of a second house about 50 feet from the main driveway into the farm. They dropped their port a tank and pulled one 2.5” line which was reduced to a 1.5” line, and two additional 1.5” lines. The first line was used to cool the house and the other two lines were stretched to the front of the barn. Tankers could not keep up to the demand for water, so command asked for St Jacobs tanker, and shortly after Wellesley’s new tanker. This was its first fire. Crews were able to save both houses, a large shop, and number of out buildings at the rear of the property. Two cattle trucks were called to remove the cattle from the farm. They made seven trips in all. Water was shuttled from a hydrant at Arthur St South and Listowel road, and from a reservoir nearby. Linwood’s pumper filled tankers at the reservoir. The fire was under control in three hours. Lightning is the expected cause, damage has been pegged at $850,000. We rolled the truck, had four members on scene for four hours, served 129 drinks and 100 snacks.



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