July 28 and July 30 updates

Saturday July 28 5:55 pm, Kitchener P5 P2 A2 R1 Car 23 Car 24 dispatched to 545 Belmont Ave Westfor an automatic alarm. A2 arrived on scene first and reported smoke from the seventh floor. The superintendant of the high rise was indicating they had a fire in the trash chute. P5 and P2 arrived shortly after. Crews went on air and found the fire in the garbage room was out. They had to clear heavy smoke from the seventh floor down. We didn’t roll on the call as the fire was out. At 6:25 command requested we respond. Three members responded and served drinks and snacks to the tired crews. Crews went through two bottles each clearing the smoke. We were only on scene 45 minutes.

 Monday July 30 10:00 am, Kitchener P4 A4 P3 R1 and Car 23 dispatched to 16 Clark Ave for a house fire. P4 arrived on scene and reported a working fire. P6 was added to the call at this point. Crews pulled a couple of hand lines and went to work on the basement. The fire was knocked down quickly. Four dogs were found alive in the house, three perished. Two members on scene an hour, damage pegged at $75,000.

 Monday July 30 10:15 pm, Kitchener toned out Floradale full response, Elmira P1 R4, Conestogo and St Jacobs tankers for a barn fire at 2532 Northfield Dr East. Floradale pumper was returning from training at WESTRC and asked that Conestogo pumper also respond as they would be first pumper in. Conestogo rescue also responded at this point. Elmira and Conestogo pumpers arrived on scene simultaneously just after Floradales rescue reported smoke showing from the barn. Hay in the hay mow was smoking. Two lines were pulled from Elmira’s pumper to cool the hay. Crews were advised all personnel in the barn were to be on SCBA. Floradales pumper set up at a gravel pit on Line 86 to fill tankers. Crews cooled the pile, which then had to be removed from the barn. Firefighters dumped three tankers of water on the hay before going into overhaul. We had two members on scene for an hour, served 40 drinks and lots of snacks.

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