August 9 to 17, 2012 updates.

August 9, 7:15 am, Waterloo P2 P1 A1 Car 23 dispatched to a house under construction at 311 Thornhill Place on fire. P2 arrived on scene first reported a partially constructed house fully involved with collapse into the foundation, second house fully involved, and third house with fire showing on roof. The radiant heat from the fire prevented P2 from going up the street past the fire. P3 was added to the call by 23 at this point. P2 pulled a 4” line up past the fire to a hydrant in front 315. They pulled two 1.75” and one 2.5”  hose, and set up their master stream from the aerial. A1 pulled a 2.5” to use to protect 319 and work on the fire on 315. P1 caught a second hydrant and laid in a 4” line for themselves and pulled in behind P2. P1 pulled a 2.5” and two 1.75” lines. A1 was instructed to catch a hydrant on Ira Needles Blvd and set up for tower operations to knock down the fire at 319 and protect that house. The houses backed on to Ira Needles Blvd. Crews knocked down the fire on 319 very quickly and were able to save the house. P3 arrived on scene and pulled a second 4” line to feed P2. 315 was totally gutted and will have to be rebuilt. 311 had one floor completed, all that was left was the foundation. The fire was declared under control an hour after arrival  and not totally extinguished to late afternoon. Due to the heavy fire damage in 315 most of the mop up was done from the exterior of the house. We had three members on scene initially, two stayed to early afternoon. Firefighters consumed 110 drinks, 100 snacks, and 35 breakfast Egg McMuffins. Damage pegged at $700,000.

 August 11, 1:30 pm Kitchener P4 A4 P3 R1 and Car 23 dispatched to a possible house fire on Jansen Ave. P4 arrived first and reported light smoke showing. The owner of the house was doing some renovations and had a smoldering fire in the basement wall. The fire was knocked down quickly. Car 23 had our cooler and coffee thermos in his vehicle. He brought it from the St Clements barn fire we had on July 26. I headed over to pick it up and see if the guys wanted any drinks. Crews didn’t have to work to hard at this call, took six Gatorade and six water which is not enough for us to make this an official call.

 August 12 9:00 am, Cambridge P3 A2 A1 R1 P5 and Car 6 dispatched for an explosion at 1531 Eagle St north at the Cango gas station. P3 arrived on scene first and reported nothing showing. They could smell gasoline and the attendant confirmed he had had an explosion when he turned on his pumps. He reported that a section of the driveway lifted up from the explosion. P3 covered the area in foam. Businesses on the property, a variety store and restaurant were evacuated and natural gas to the buildings was locked and tagged out. The Ontario Fire Marshall was notified due to the explosion and responded. TSSA, and Union gas were also notified and responded to the scene. Upon that report one member headed to the scene to drop off 26 cold drinks. One truck was on scene until late afternoon, with different crews being rotated to the scene.

 August 14 8:15 pm Ayr fire toned out for heavy smoke coming from 1098 Industrial Rd. Once on the air, Ayr requested a full turnout from New Dundee. Once on scene, crews had heavy black smoke coming from the doors and eaves of the business. Lines were pulled and crews went on an offensive attack in the structure. They had three vehicles on fire in the building. New Dundee pumper was set up to fill tankers from a reservoir close to the fire. We rolled our truck and had four members on scene. I was paged by members for the fire at 8:42. I had to work till 9:20 so I didn’t respond until then. Crews pulled numerous lines and set up a port-a-tank. There was one cube van, a large Badger truck, and a mid size truck all fully involved in the building. Fire was knocked down by 10 pm when the trucks could be pulled from the building by a tow truck. Damage was pegged at $750,000, served 89 drinks and 100 snacks. The Kore Kooling chairs were also set up as one firefighter was being treated for heat exhaustion.

 Once I left work, I was requested to pick up buns to make hot dogs at the Ayr fire. I stopped at the closest variety store which was at Shantz Hill and Preston Parkway in Cambridge. Just as I was getting ready to go into the store, Cambridge P3 A2 A1 R1 P5 and Car 6 were dispatched to 249 Schlueter St for a house fire. Plans changed and I headed to the fire. I arrived on scene as P3 was pulling the first line to the rear of the house. Car 6 A1 and R1 arrived on scene. Car six reported police on scene, and Box 690 on scene on his arrival. I told the guys afterwards don’t expect us to get there before the second station very often. P1 pulled a second line to the basement, and A2 picked up a hydrant. The visible fire on the exterior of the house was knocked down quickly. Walls were pulled in the basement to get to some smoldering. Crews had the fire under control in 20 minutes and loss stop in 25 minutes. Served 26 drinks and 20 snacks, and was backed up by a second member who left the Ayr call to back me up.

 August 15 6:15 pm, Waterloo P3 P1 A1 and Car 23 dispatched to a confirmed fire at 607 Colby Dr. P3 arrived on scene first and reported heavy smoke coming from the building. P4 was added to the call at this point. Heavy cutters had to be used to cut the lock off the fence of the property which delayed crews slightly. P1 picked up a hydrant on the way in as did P4 on their arrival. A 2.5’ and two 1.75” lines were stretched to fight the fire. Once inside P3 reported heavy fire in the rear of the building. A backhoe was on fire with extension to the structure. The bulk of the fire was knocked down in 30 minutes. Crews had to pull insulation from the ceiling and lots of overhaul. We rolled our truck and had four members on scene for two hours, serving 57 drinks and close to a 100 snacks. Damage pegged at $125,000

 August 17 1:30 am, Kitchener P5 P2 A2 R1 and Car 23 dispatched to a house fire at 111 Belmont St W. P5 arrived on scene and reported smoke showing from the upstairs. P5 pulled one 1.5” line to the side of the house and opened up the walls to get a smoldering fire. Box 690 was paged at 1:58 to respond. Crews had a very quick knock down on the fire. On the way to the scene station two units were released. P1 was dispatched to a dumpster fire a couple of blocks away on Highland and Westmount, the second dumpster fire in the area in two hours. It was raining fairly heavily, so served guys a quick drink on Belmont and drove over to see P1. Nice quick call, only served 21 drinks, and was back home in an hour.


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