August 20 to 24, 2012 updates

August 20 10:15 pm, Kitchener Fire Dispatch toned out a full response from Conestogo and Maryhill, and for St Jacobs tanker for a buggy shop on fire behind 40 Sunset in Winterbourne. Firefighters were still at all three stations as this was training night. Trucks were rolling within a minute with Conestogo arriving on scene first, reporting nothing visible. The 30 x 60 log cabin building was back off the road in heavily treed area. A quick 360 was initiated by command. Firefighters reported they had a working fire in the attic. Three lines were pulled back to the building. Conestogo set up their port-a-tank on the road while Maryhill’s pumper set up a block away at a reservoir to fill tankers. The fire was knocked down in 20 minutes. Three members responded, served 38 drinks and 70 snacks, on scene 1.5 hours.

August 21 5:30 am, Cambridge A1 R1 P5 A2 A4 and Car 6 were dispatched for an apartment fire at 44 Grantham Ave. The building was a very large 2.5 story duplex that was divided into a number of apartments.P5 arrived on scene first and reported a working fire with flames venting out the E2 side of the building. Dispatch reported there could be two adults still in the building. Two lines were stretched into the first floor apartment, A1 picked up the hydrant on the way in. Primary and secondary searches of both buildings were negative. Paramedics treated on victim for burns and smoke inhalation, transported to hospital. The fire was started by careless smoking in bed. The fire was knocked down in 15 minutes. Being an old building, firefighters had a lot of overhaul. Two members responded, were on scene an hour, served 31 cold drinks, and a few snacks.

August 23, 10:00 am Baden Fire dispatched to 1061 Snyder’s Rd for an out of control burn. The resident had a burn permit to clean up wood from a barn that was being torn down. The permit allowed him to burn small piles of wood, during daylight hours, and had to be attended by the resident at all times. The foundation of the large barn was full of wood and other unknown material. He lit the entire contents. Baden responded with both pumpers, tanker and rescue. Once on scene they had a very large fire to contend with. Lines were stretched around the foundation to cool trees, knock down some fire that had spread to the field, and slow down some of the fire burning in the foundation. New Dundee’s tanker was requested to the scene to augment water supply. A number of small explosions forced firefighters to back away from the fire. The owner didn’t know what was left in the foundation to cause the explosions. Water was shuttled from a hydrant on the edge of Baden, about a mile away. Lines were pulled from both pumpers. Crews cooled the area around the fire, and put water on the foundation for a little over an hour. New Dundee tanker was cleared just after 11, and Baden left the scene 40 minutes later. The fire was left to burn itself out for the balance of the day. Two members were on scene 1.5 hours, served 26 drinks and a couple of snacks.

 August 23, 3:15 pm, Waterloo P1 P3 A1 and Car 23 dispatched to a possible structure fire at 41 King St N. Dispatch advised responding trucks that they were receiving multiple calls on the fire. Car 23 requested P2 head to the call. One of our members started for the call, stopping at the station to pick up extra drinks. A second member was leaving work to pick up the truck after Car 23 arrived on scene and reported heavy smoke showing from the rear of the building. KFD paged me as I was driving to the hall to get the truck. I had not radioed them to advise we were responding as they were extremely busy with two calls. I had another member radio dispatch to let them know we were responding to the fire. Dispatch asked us to attend a second call in Kitchener, see details below. Waterloo P1 and A1 both caught hydrants and set up on King St. P3 picked up a hydrant on Dupont and pulled into a laneway at the rear of the building. The fire appeared to have started in an empty former convenience store and at 43 King N. P3 reported heavy fire and smoke and that they could not attack the fire due to hydro wires above the fire. A number of 1.75 and 2.5 inch lines were pulled in the front and rear. A 2.5 story former post office was located three feet from the fire building on the E2 side, while a number of other business were less than five feet away on the E4 side. An occupied fish and chip store was the attached to the convenience store, and there were two occupied apartments above. Lines were set up to cool exposures and fight the fire. The fire was venting through the roof within 20 minutes. P2 picked up a fourth hydrant and pulled additional lines. This was one of the smokiest fires we have ever attended. One minute the street was clear, the next minute you could not see a truck, they were totally blocked out by smoke. All four pump operators were wearing their SCBA. Smoke would clear at the front, and the back would be totally blanketed. We had to move around to try to stay out of the smoke. At times our truck was in fairly heavy smoke. Night shift firefighters were shuttled to the scene after 5 pm, as well P12 responded and picked up a fifth hydrant, and used their monitor to work the fire. The fire was marked under control around 8pm. One truck was on scene all night attending to flare ups. We had seven members on scene for six hours, served 225 cold drinks, 60 snacks, 25 hot dogs, two pizza’s and fifteen subs. Two Kore Kooling chairs set up.

 August 23, approximately 1:15 pm, Kitchener P2 A2 P3 R1 and Car 23 dispatched to 300 Frederick St for a “firecracker” call. This is the code for a potential bomb call. Trucks were staged a block from the building. P2 conferred with the lone police officer on scene. He confirmed there was a package in a recycling box with a digital thermometer on top with wires running into small box. A2 and P3 blocked Frederick St. Homes close to the area were evacuated. Police converged on the scene to help with evacuation and setting up a unified command. Command requested Box 690 to the scene at 3:15, the same time as the Waterloo fire. None of us caught this request. A third member left work, headed to his house which was a couple of blocks from the call. He picked up 38 cold drinks which he dropped off at the scene and then headed to the Waterloo fire.

 August 23, 10:50 pmCambridge dispatched A1 and P5 to 32 Lena for an automatic alarm. A2 was two blocks from the call, returning from an auto alarm at the hospital. They responded to the call in place of P5. They arrived on scene two minutes later and reported they had light smoke showing on the second floor. The call was upgraded to a structure fire, with R1 P5 and P3 being added to the run. P5 picked up a hydrant on the way in. A2 pulled one line to the second floor while A1 was performing a search. A1 captain ran out of air and a mayday was called by A2 portable. His man down alarm was activated and he ran down the stairs as quickly as he could. Fortunately he got out safely and picked up another air cylinder. A second line was pulled into the building at this time. The fire was burning in the basement of the house. The basement was actually the first floor of the building, a very different design of house. Once located the fire was knocked down quickly. Two members on scene one hour, served 47 cold drinks and some snacks.

This is the first time in our history that we have had four calls in one day.

 August 24, Waterloo fire called one of our members by phone to request we drop off more drinks and snacks at the King St call. A snack tray and 24 drinks were dropped off just before noon. A1 was still working on hot spots. The Ontario Fire Marshall was called in, damage will likely hit $1,000,000.


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