August 26 to September 12, 2012 updates

August 26 12:15 am, Kitchener P4 A4 P3 R1 Car 23 were dispatched to a shed fire with exposures at 4 Country Clare Crescent. P4 arrived on scene and reported a well involved small shed was on fire. Two hand lines were pulled and the fire was knocked down quickly. One member responded and served 15 drinks.

 August 26 9:15 pm, Cambridge P5 A1 A4 A2 R1 Haz Mat and Car 6 were dispatched to an explosion and fire due to a drug lab with two burn victims at 22 Arthur White. P5 arrived on scene and reported owners reported the fire was out, and had two burn victims, one serious and one with minor burns due to a flash fire. Crews packed up and confirmed the fire was out. Station four and one units attended to the burn victims. Three members responded in personal vehicles, served 31 drinks, on scene one hour.

 September 1 5:20 pm, P4 A4 P3 R1 and Car 23 were dispatched to Red Lobster restaurant on King St E for a possible fire. P4 reported smoke showing from the expressway and asked for a third pumper. P1 was added to the call at this time. P3 reverse laid for P4. They had a fire above the entrance to the building. The fire was knocked down quickly with some minor overhaul. Three members responded, served 16 drinks, on scene one hour.

 September 10 12:55 am, all of Floradale, Elmira P1 R4, Conestogo tanker, and St Jacobs tanker were dispatched to a barn fire at 2319 Floradale Road, which is located in the north end of Floradale. Floradale firefighters responding to the hall had to drive right by the barn. They reported a fully involved large barn with numerous exposures. Floradale district chief requested mutual aid tankers from St Clements, and Drayton (Wellington County). Once on scene Floradale pumper backed into the laneway and set up their port a tank. Two 2.5” and two 1.5 inch lines were pulled to protect exposures and cool down the 200 head of cattle that were beside the barn. St Jacobs pumper and rescue were requested to respond while Floradale was still pulling lines. Two lines were pulled from the St Jacobs pumper when it arrived. It set up beside the Floradale pumper and drafted from the two port a tanks that were set up. Elmira’s pumper laid out their entire load of 4” line and drafted from the pond in the center of town. Additional 4” line was pulled off tankers to complete the 1,800 foot feed. Crews successfully protected exposures and the cattle. We rolled the truck to the call, had four members on scene till just after three when the next call came in. Floradale ladies helped us by making coffee, sandwiches and soup. They arrived just minutes before we were paged to the Kitchener fire. We served 39 cold drinks, 24 coffee, and 95 snacks.

 September 10 3:05 am, Kitchener P1 R1 P4 A4 and Car 23 were dispatched to Hercules Tire for a water flow alarm at 21 Ardelt Place. P1 arrived on scene and after a quick size of this very large building, reported they had heavy smoke inside the building. The former steel company building is approximately 600 x 100’ with a 40 foot interior open ceiling. The building houses numerous machines for retreading tires and a large stock of tires. P4 reverse laid a 4 inch line from P1 at the rear of the building to the hydrant at the front. Crews pulled three lines into the interior. Box 690 was paged at 3:15 once a working fire was declared. One member left the scene while the three remaining members quickly packed up supplies at the barn fire. The fire was located on a machine, deep inside the building. The fire was knocked down quickly once it was located. Three members and our truck responded to this call. We served 29 drinks and 22 snacks at the fire. We left the scene at 4:35 am. Crews packed up the hydrant line and had P7 and the tanker respond to the scene at 5 am. They were on scene until 8 am attending to some hot spots.

 September 11 11:00 am, Kitchener P4 A4 P6 R1 and Car 23 were dispatched to the City works yards on Goodrich Dr. for a vehicle fire inside the building. P4 reported smoke showing on arrival. They pulled two lines and quickly knocked down the fire. Sprinklers had contained most of the fire. One member responded, served 10 drinks which is not enough for us to make this an official call.

 September 12 3:05 pm, Kitchener P5 and P7 (both pumpers were at HQ training) R1 A6 (A4 moved to station six due to shortage of firefighters) and Car 23 were dispatched to the Regional Water treatment plant at 2090 Ottawa St S for a roof fire. P1 (75’ Quint) was added to the call as an aerial as they were at Station 5 on cover off and were much closer to the call than A6. Crews arrived on scene with light smoke showing from the roof. Roofers had a garden hose flowing on the small fire. P1’s aerial was set up and a 1.5” line was pulled up to the roof. Crews went on air and started to pull the roof apart. One member was on the way to the fire when command asked for us to respond. Crews had to remove a large section of the roof. The 20 firefighters on scene were rotated from the fire to rehab over the next two hours. Firefighters consumed 78 cold drinks and a number of snacks at this fire. We cleared the call at 5:50 pm.

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