September 15 to 29, 2012 updates

September 15 1:55 am, Kitchener P4 A4 P3 R1 Car 23 dispatched to 245 Thaler Ave for a house fire. The address is two blocks from Station four on the corner of Fairway. P4 reported heavy fire visible twenty seconds after pulling out of the hall. P1 was added to the call as the third pumper on this report. P4 caught a hydrant across the street and pulled a 2.5” line to attack the fully involved large attached garage. There was a sports car in the garage, and a second car in the driveway on fire. P3 was instructed to catch the same hydrant and pull two lines to the E4 side of the house. R1 and A4 firefighters stretched two 1.5” lines from P4 to work on extension into the house and protect exposures. The fire was knocked down in 20 minutes. There was extensive overhaul. Four members responded to the call serving 38 drinks and six snacks, on scene 1.5 hours.

 September 18 5:50 am, Wellesley and St Clements were toned out for a Mennonite trailer manufacturing business on fire at 4074 Hessen Strasse, corner of Moser Young. St Clements arrived on scene first and reported a fully involved L shaped 100 x 100 building on fire with multiple exposures, one being a large barn only 40 feet away. Linwood tanker was added to the call, and a few minutes later the balance of Linwood was dispatched. Wellesley’s aerial was backed into the property and fed by a 4” line from St Clements pumper. Wellesley set up their pumper across the road at a water reservoir. Linwood pumper set up west of the fire to fill tankers. Multiple lines were pulled to fight the fire. Once the water was depleted from across the road, Wellesley’s pumper was set up to supply additional lines to the fire ground. Linwood pumper filled the three tankers, and had to move to a third reservoir on Moser Young. The aerial stream was able to cut the fire off on the E1 E2 corner of the building. The balance of the structure was completely gutted. A back hoe arrived on scene at 10 am to pull down some hazards. Fire was declared under control at this time. Damage was pegged at $650,000, OFM was on scene investigating. Two members and the truck on scene till11:15, served 111 cold drinks, 48 coffee, 80 snacks, and 60 breakfast McMuffins. Photo 006 shows Wellesley and St Clements pumpers pumping from port a tanks, Photo 009 Wellesley aerial saved this section of the building.


 September 22 1 pm, Linwood and Wellesley were dispatched to 5571 William Hastings for a silo fire. Linwood reported smoke showing before they arrived on scene. St Clements was added to the call to supplement water and manpower. Linwood was running the old Wellesley tanker (on loan from Asphodel) as their tanker was in for warranty work. The brakes would not release on the tanker so Wellesley chief requested Milverton’s tanker on mutual aid (firefighters fixed the problem and the truck arrived on scene 15 minutes later). Linwood pumper was set up beside the barn, dropped two porta tanks, and fed Wellesley’s aerial, and a 1.75” line into the barn. The silo was half full of corn. Water was applied sparingly from the aerial through an opening in the top of the silo. The auger to the silo was not working so crews had to cut around the auger feed and hand shovel and pick the now rock hard solid clump of burnt corn. Overhaul was strenuous, lasting almost two hours. Wellesley chief had firefighters free up Wellesley’s rescue in case they had another call. Not five minutes after turning the rescue around and reloading equipment, dispatch called for a women in labour, one baby delivered into a toilet and the second baby on the way. Four firefighters responded to the call which was a block from the hall in Wellesley. The second baby was coming out feet first on arrival. Fortunately a first responder (single paramedic) arrived minutes after their arrival. The first baby was doing well, and the second baby was delivered minutes later. Mom and babies are doing well. One of the firefighters that responded was happy to report that his two new nieces were doing okay when they arrived back at the silo fire.Three Box 690 members on scene for three hours, served 46 cold drinks and 110 snacks. (photo #44 firefighters and Mennonite farmers getting ready to shovel out the burnt corn)

 September 25 9:15 pm Waterloo P2 P1 A1 and car 23 dispatched to the new Nanobuilding at the University of Waterloo for a dumpster fire up beside the building. P2 arrived on scene and reported a large commercial dumpster was fully involved. P2 asked P1 to pick up a water supply. Firefighters pulled a 2.5” and a 1.75” line to the dumpster. The 40 foot dumpster was full of new building materials from the new Quantam Physics building. The dumpster was up beside the biology building. Students were being evacuated from the biology building by U of W police. P3 was added to the call to assist with ventilation of the two buildings. Three five gallon pails of foam were used to extinguish the fire. One Box 690 member on scene one hour, served 30 cold drinks.

 September 26, 3:15 pm Kitchener P6 P1 A4 R1 and Car 23 were dispatched to Conestoga College for a chimney fire at the central maintenance and power house. P6 arrived on scene and reported smoke coming form the chimney and seeping through the mortar. P1 caught a hydrant, but the line was never charged. A4 was pulled in tight to the chimney and raised their platform to the top of the 90’ chimney. A4 applied some water from the top, and P6 pulled a line into the building. Crews worked for an hour to extinguish the fire. Crews used water very sparingly to extinguish the fire. One member was on scene 1.5 hours and served 18 drinks and 32 snacks.

 September 29 1:30 pm, Kitchener P4 A4 P1 R1 and Car 23 dispatched for a possible shed fire behind Wendell Motors on Fairway Rd. P4 arrived on scene and reported nothing visible. Dispatch received a second call from a business on Webster Rd, right behind Wendell Motors reporting a grass fire at the rear of his property. P4 rerouted to the call and reported they had a grass fire at the rear of the building. Firefighters pulled one line to work the fire from below. P1 was directed to go the Wendell Motors and check for extension along the railroad tracks. A4 hand laid a supply line to the front of the building as a precaution. The fire was knocked down quickly. One member on scene 30 minutes, served 16 cold drinks.

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