December 2012 updates

December 7 10:10 am, Cambridge P5 A4 A2 T1 R1 and Car 6 dispatched for a possible house fire in the area of 1805 Main St E. A1 heard the call, they were on the way to an alarm ringing, and advised dispatch they would respond to the fire and have A2 back up P3 on the other call. P5 pulled out of their station and reported they had a large thermal column. P5 arrived on scene reported a large bungalow fire through the roof, defensive only, and asked for two more tankers. Ayr and Puslinch tankers were dispatched to the scene. Crews shuttled water from a hydrant approximately a mile west of the scene. A2 cleared from the alarm ringing responded to the fire. The building was a total loss. The truck rolled on the call, three members were on scene for three hours, served 88 hot and cold drinks, 24 hot dogs, and 101 snack items. Photo attached, more photos can be found on


December 11 12:50 am, Waterloo P2 P1 A1 Tanker 1 and Car 23 dispatched to a barn fire at 930 Erb St W across from the Regional Land Fill site. P2 arrived on scene and reported a barn fully involved with exposure problems. Kitchener and Baden tankers were requested to supplement water supply. P2 pulled a number of lines to protect exposures. Water was shuttled from a hydrant on Erb St. The truck rolled on the call knowing hot drinks would be needed. Two members on scene for 1.5 hours, served 45 drinks and 79 snack items.

 December 14 3:50 am, Kitchener P4 P3 A4 R1 and Car 23 dispatched to a house fire at 162 South Hill Dr. P4 arrived and reported heavy fire showing in the basement of the bungalow. P1 was added to the call at this point. P3 picked up the hydrant and two hand lines were stretched from P4. The fire was knocked down in 20 minutes, one member on scene for an hour, served 26 drinks.

 December 15 10:26 am, Kitchener P3 P2 A4 R1 and Car 23 dispatched to 346 Prospect Ave for a detached garage fire. P4 was responding to a med call and requested dispatch send P1 to their call and they responded to the fire. P3 arrived on scene and reported heavy smoke coming from a two bay detached garage. P4 picked up the hydrant for P3. Two hand lines from P3 knocked the fire down in 10 minutes. Photo attached, more photos from fire on Three members on scene one hour, served 15 drinks and 12 snacks.

 December 22 10:05 am, Waterloo P2 P1 A1 and Car 23 dispatched to a house fire at 692 B Star Flower Ave. P2 reported a thermal column as they turned onto Erbsville Road, more than a mile from the scene. P2 picked up a hydrant on the way in and pulled the initial 1.75” line to work the fire. The fire started in the garage, the owner opened the garage door and received second degree burns to her hands. Once the door was open, the 30 mph winds really fed the fire, pushing it into the house. Crews knocked down the fire in 30 minutes. The car was a write off, and the house sustained severe fire and smoke damage. The truck rolled on this call. Three members on scene two hours, served 35 drinks and 23 snack items. Photos of the fire can be found at

 Also attached is Breslau’s new pumper tanker, 2012 Spartan Metro Star Dependable 1050/2000/30


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