January 2013 Updates

January 2, 15:45 Elmira was toned out for a possible house fire at 11 Walker St. P1 arrived on scene and reported fire and smoke showing from the rear of an older two storey home. P1 picked up a hydrant on the way in as did A3 from the other end of the street. The house had numerous additions over the years and crews had trouble finding the seat of the fire. The fire started in the kitchen in the rear and extended up the walls to the second floor. The fire was knocked down quickly. Two members on scene, rolled the truck. Crews picked up quickly, served a few drinks and snacks and returned to station after 30 minutes.

 January 9, 5:30 Baden Fire was toned out for chicken barn on fire at 2324 Erbs Rd. Baden requested New Dundee full response, New Hamburg tanker and aerial, and a tanker from Wellesley before they left their hall. Once on scene crews had smoke showing from the end of the large chicken barn.Baden set up their port a tanks and pulled a 1.75” line into the structure. The fire started at the end of the barn in an electrical room. The fire was knocked down quickly and no extension into the rest of the structure. Three members on scene for 2.5 hours, served 26 drinks and 45 snacks.

 January 18, 16:40 Cambridge A1 R1 T1 P5 P2 were dispatched to 24 Clergy Lane on Puslinch Lake for a confirmed structure fire. Cambridge provides first hour fire and medical coverage for this area of Wellington County. A1 arrived on scene and reported a fully involved house, defensive attack only. They requested Puslinch fire respond with a full response. Puslinch responded with two tankers, pumper, mini pumper (new truck, just received in December), rescue, and their quint. Command requested tankers from Kitchener and Maryhill, but cancelled them before the trucks arrived. Ayrs tanker was requested when the fire intensified and threatened a two bay garage which was only 10 feet from the house. Guelph fire also sent their tanker to the scene. Cambridge transferred command to Puslinch and returned P5 and P2 at 17:40. This was the first fire for Cambridge’s new Raptor. The fire broke through the roof at 18:00 hours, fire was under control at 19:30. Four members on scene for three hours, rolled the truck, served 73 drinks, 24 hot dogs, and 149 snacks. Photo credits for two photos, Mike Wilson Box 690 member.

 January 18 16:45, New Hamburg was toned out for flames visible in a window at 216 Steinman St. New Hamburg requested full response from Baden when they came on the air. Crews arrived and reported a working fire in the century old house that was under renovation. Visible fire was knocked down quickly but crews found extension in the walls. Command advised fire out 30 minutes into the call. Two members on scene one hour, served seven drinks and 29 snack items.

 January 21, 10:05, Kitchener P5 P1 A2 R1 and Car 23 dispatched to 50 Mooregate Cres. for an apartment fire. P5 arrived on scene and was met by an RP reporting the fire had been extinguished by workers on scene, and the tenant was VSA in the unit. P5 went on air and confirmed the fire was out, and found the victim. The victim could not be revived. One member dropped off some drinks and snacks for crews on his way to appointment.

 January 24, 13:30Ayr was toned out for a confirmed house fire at 1649 Northumberland Road, near Cedar Creek. Ayr Car 1 came on the air first and immediately requested a full turnout from New Dundee. Ayr Car 1arrived on scene and reported a working fire in the rear of the large bungalow. P4 set up in front of the house, while New Dundee P 21 set up for drafting on the road, supplying P4. Command requested tankers from Cambridge and Kitchener to supplement water. Kitcheners tanker had just been requested by Baden (see next update) so command requested a tanker from Paris (Brant County). The cold weather was tough on firefighters. The temperature was -8 F and dropped as the sun went down. Numerous lines were pulled to the rear of the house. Firefighters initiated an aggressive interior attack but were pulled from the structure approximately 30 minutes after arriving when the fire broke though the roof. The balance of the fire was fought defensively. Fire was declared under control at 18:00. Damage set at $1,000,000. Three members on scene five hours, served 97 drinks, 108 snacks and 26- 6” subs. Photo credit Bill Fairhurst Box 690 member.

 January 24 13:34Baden toned out for a confirmed house fire at 1122 Snyders Road East, just east of town. Baden district chief Ron Taves asked if any of New Dundee units were available from the Ayr call. Dispatch informed him that they were all committed. Chief Taves requested a full turn out from New Hamburg and Wellesley’s tanker upon hearing New Dundee was not available to respond. Baden P1 arrived on scene, and reported a large two storey home fully involved. A 360 check confirmed heavy fire from basement to second floor. All firefighting was going to be defensive. Command requested Kitchener’s tanker just minutes before Ayr requested them for Mutual Aid at their house fire. Baden P1 set up in the adjacent driveway and pulled a 4” line to the side of the building. The pumper set up in a large parking lot, allowing tankers to back into the three port a tanks from two separate laneways. The house was owned by the Morningstar Acres charity. It was used as a foster home.  Two 1.75” and one 2.5” line was deployed from the portable hydrant. New Hamburg’s aerial was set on the E4 side of the house for aerial master stream operations. Command requested tankers fromWaterloo, and St Clements to ensure they had adequate water for the aerial. The fire was under control at 17:00. A back hoe was requested and arrived on scene at 18:00 to pull the walls and what was left of the roof down. Crews were able to knock the remaining fire down by 19:00. Two members on scene 4.5 hours, rolled the truck to the call. Served 93 drinks, 100 snack items and four extra large pizza’s.

January 26, 20:05, Waterloo P1 P12 (running in place of A1) P2 and Car 23 dispatched to a confirmed apartment fire at 57 Bridgeport Rd East. Dispatch advised Car 23 they were receiving multiple calls on the fire. P3 was added to the call. Police reported a 2 year old was dropped from the fourth floor window and was unconscious. P1 arrived on scene and tended to two children, the unconscious 19 month old and her four year old sister who had also been dropped from the window. The four year old was caught by bystanders. The parents were still trapped in their unit. A ladder was used to rescue the adults. P2 picked up a hydrant on Moore and Laurel and pulled into the parking lot of the apartment. P1 had a hydrant beside their truck on Bridgeport road. A 2.5” line was stretched through the parking lot to the building from P1. P2 pulled a 1.75” line into the stairwell. The fire was on the third floor at the E2 end of the building. This is an older apartment with wood floors. The unit was well involved with fire venting out the window on the E3 side of the structure. Fire extended to the fourth floor. P4 crew had moved to Station 1 for cover off. They were dispatched to the scene, but were instructed to bring A1. The mechanic was going to do a routine service on the aerial just before the call came in. A1 pulled into a parking lot at the rear of the apartment. The lot was the closest the aerial could get as there was a small creek that ran the entire length at the rear of the apartment. A1 pulled their high vol through the parking lot to a hydrant on Peppler and Bridgeport. Once crews pulled back from the third floor, the aerial opened up on the fully involved fourth floor unit. Fire broke through the roof. P2 was re positioned and set up their ladder to the roof. A line was attached to the end of the aerial, and used to help extinguish the fire. Crews were able to pull a hand line up the fourth floor after most of the fire was knocked down. Firefighters opened the door of the apartment and were greeted with three feet of water. The fire was declared under control at23:55. The young child was airlifted to Toronto, latest condition has been listed as critical but stable. The apartment was part of two four storey buildings. The power to the fire building fed into the second building as well. 80 residents were displaced for the night from both units. Five members on scene for five hours, rolled the truck, served 91 drinks, 63 snacks, and eight cans of beef stew.

 January 27 23:50, Kitchener P1 P7 A4 R1 and Car 23 dispatched to Activa and Isaiah for a house explosion. Car 23 was advised that dispatch was receiving multiple calls on the explosion. P4 was dispatched as the third pumper, but was replaced by P5 when they became available from a medical call. Dispatch advised there were three victims on the roof of the house. I work with a gentleman that lived four doors down from the house. He helped the mother from the roof of the house. He took her across the street to her son. Another neighbor pulled the father from the rear of the house. The son was asked if there was anyone else in the house. He said his sister was still in there. When he turned around to go search for the girl, flames were about 10 feet in the air. He was worried about a secondary explosion and was unable to look for the girl. The pile was well involved on arrival of P7 and P1. Firefighters found the 11 year old in the rubble at the rear of the house. All four survived the explosion, with non life threatening injuries. All but the dad have been released from hospital. Two 4” high vol lines were stretched from P1 to a 12” hydrant just up the street. Numerous hand lines were pulled to work the fire and protect the house next door. The gas meter on the E4 side of the house was damaged and was free burning. Gas employees were able to stop the flow of gas an hour into the call. P1 set up their aerial and used it for the next couple of hours. The main body of fire was knocked down in 25 minutes, but the fire continued to burn for hours in the large pile of debris. P6, P4 and P3 were dispatched to the call to replace crews on scene. Four members responded, rolled the truck. Served hot and cold drinks and snacks.

 More photos are available for most of the fires on www.waterlooregionfire.com




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