February to May – updates

February 15 8:10 pm, Waterloo P2 P1 A1 and Car 23 dispatched for a fire at Kiddie Kobbler Shoe Store at 655 Erb St W. P2 pulled into the large strip mall complex and reported smoke showing. P3 was added to the call at this time. Crews had a working fire in the back storage room of the shoe store. P1 picked up a hydrant on the way in and crews pulled lines into the store and around the rear of the building. The fire was knocked down in 20 minutes. Crews had extensive overhaul, damage set at $750,000. Truck rolled to the scene with four members, on scene three hours, served 42 hot and cold drinks and 64 snack items.

 February 27 11:30 am, Cambridge P2 A1 A3 P5 T1 R1 and Car 6 dispatched to 1325 Chillago Rd for a car on fire in a large garage. P2 reported a large thermal column before they arrived on scene and requested additional tankers. Kitchener and Maryhill tankers were requested as well as two tankers from Puslinch. A large garage containing a three month old $105,000 Audi, a nine month old $165,000 27’ boat, as well as a vintage 1985 chopper was fully involved on arrival. Tankers shuttled water from both ends of Chillago Rd. P2 drafted from one port a tank, while A1 drafted from the second port a tank. The 40’ x 50 garage burned to the ground. Wind was from the west which kept the heat from the fire blowing away from a large barn which was only 30 feet from the garage. Firefighters cooled three large propane tanks which were up against the front E4 E1 corner of the building. Our truck responded to the call. Three members on scene three hours, served 59 hot and cold drinks, 24 hot dogs, and 89 snack items.

 February 28 9:30 am, Kitchener P5 P1 R1 A2 and Car 23 dispatched for smoke coming from a house at 207 Driftwood Dr. P5 arrived on scene and reported smoke showing. P2 was added at this time as the third pumper. P1 picked up the hydrant for P5. Crews pulled two lines into the house and had a quick knock down. One member responded to the call. On scene one hour, served 33 cold drinks and 40 snack items.

 March 3 9:30 pm, Cambridge A3 A1 P5 P2 R1 and Car 6 dispatched to a house fire at 849 Queenston Rd. A3 arrived on scene and reported heavy fire visible on the E1 E2 corner of the building. The building was the first free public school in Ontario. The building was constructed in 1839, with additions added on over the years. A1 picked up a hydrant for A3. Two 1.75” and one 2.5” line was pulled to work the fire. The fire was knocked down quickly and was contained to one room. Damage totaled $100,000, cause was a faulty light. Four members and the truck rolled to this call. On scene 1.5 hours, served 39 hot and cold drinks.

 March 11 6:35 am, Cambridge A3 A1 R1and Car 6 were dispatched to an alarm ringing at 1109 King St E. The call was upgraded to a confirmed fire less than a minute later. P5 and P2 were added to the call. A3 arrived on scene of the two storey apartment building and reported nothing visible. After a quick 360, the Captain reported a working fire on the first floor. A1 caught a hydrant for A3, and two lines were pulled to the first floor. The fire was knocked down in 20 minutes. Damage was set at $200,000. Police arrested a suspect on scene and charged him with one count of arson. One member responded to the fire, served 22 drinks and 57 snack items.

March 15 9:50 pm, Cambridge A4 P5 A3 A1 R1 and Car 6 dispatched to Victoria and Grand for an apartment fire with people trapped. A4 arrived on scene and reported smoke showing and two residents screaming for help from the second floor of the large house that was converted to three apartments. P5 was asked to assist in the rescues and search of the house. Once the two residents were rescued by ladder, firefighters pulled a line to the second floor and quickly knocked down the garbage that was on fire in the hallway. One member responded to the fire, served 16 drinks and 34 snack items.

 March 25 6:20 pm, Conestogo (full response), Maryhill (full response) and St Jacobs tanker were dispatched to a possible structure fire at 1626 Cox Creek Rd. Residents reported boiling maple syrup on a wood stove had started a small fire in the work shop. The work shop was attached to barn, which was attached to a driving shed, and second barn. A captain from Conestogo arrived on scene in his personal vehicle and reported fire in the roof of the shop. By the time the first Conestogo and Maryhill units arrived, the work shop and first barn were well involved. A creek ran beside the property. Initially crews shuttled water up the 1000 foot driveway to the farm. As the fire extended through the driving shed, Conestogo District Chief Arnie Gingrich requested the balance of St Jacobs to the scene, and for crews to establish a relay pump from the creek. One thousand feet of 4” line was reverse laid from Conestogo’s pumper to the bottom of the laneway where Maryhill’s pumper was set up. Initially tankers shuttled water from the creek, 500 feet up the road to Maryhill pumper’s port a tank until a 4” line could be set up from the creek. Numerous old vehicles stored around the barns caught fire. The second barn flashed over 20 minutes later. Two 2.5” and four 1.5” lines were pulled around the burning structures. The lines were used to knock down the vehicle fires, and then to work on the burning buildings. The fire burned for hours before being brought under control. Conestogo released St Jacobs at 11:00 and Maryhill just before midnight. A high hoe was arrived on scene around 10:15 and was used to pull the vehicles and structures apart to get to hot spots. Conestogo cleared the scene at 2:30 am. Three members on scene with the truck for five hours, served 139 hot and cold drinks, 48 hot dogs, 12 soup, and 316 snack items. Initial damage was pegged at $300,000, but will likely be much more.

 March 28 served food for Mutual Aid meeting in Cambridge.

 April 12 noonWellesley Township requested our services to bring food to Wellesley and Linwood Stations. Wellesley Township was under a State of Emergency due to the ice storm. Power was out to most of the township and numerous trees and hydro lines were down throughout their area. Command requested we respond with food for two stations, then called to request for all three stations while we were picking up subs. One member responded with the truck, served 36 subs, 14 drinks and 19 snacks at the three stations.

 April 15 6:05, Kitchener P2 A2 P5 R1 Car 23 dispatched to 138 Weber St E for a house fire. The house was to be demolished that day as part of widening of Weber St. The same crews had a small fire at the house just after midnight. P2 arrived on scene and reported bigger and brighter, kindly respond an extra pumper (P3). P2 picked up a hydrant on Wellington, and fed themselves and A2. A 2.5” line was pulled to the rear, and one 1.5” line to the front. A2 used their monitor. The house was fully involved, with no exposures. The bulk of the heavy fire was knocked down in half an hour. Crews were not allowed inside the structure. The fire broke through the roof 45 minutes after arrival. Two hours into the call, a large high hoe was used to start to pull the building down. Sections were pulled and fire was extinguished. The building was totally leveled by 11 am, and the fire was declared out at 11:20. The truck responded to the call, three members on scene until 11:30, served 42 drinks 43 snacks, and 25 McMuffins.

 April 16 16:08, Waterloo P1 P12 P2 dispatched to 418 Hazel St for an apartment fire. P4 was added to the call as dispatch was receiving multiple calls on the fire. P2 arrived on scene with heavy fire venting from the window of a basement apartment. P1 picked up a hydrant and helped pull two lines into the building. Crews knocked the fire down quickly. Two members on scene one hour, served 14 drinks and a few snacks.

 April 17 19:00, Linwood was dispatched to assist Drayton and Moorefield at a wood shop fire on 17th Line in Wellington County. Crews had a working fire at a large wood working business. Linwood’s tanker was used to shuttle water until a water relay was set up. Pump and rescue crews assisted in suppression. Two members responded to check out the call, dropped 15 Gatorade off for firefighters.

 April 19 assisted at Conestoga College house burn on Weimer Line. The college had the WESTREC pumper, Wellesley aerial, rescue and tanker, as well as St Clements and Linwood tankers at the burn. We served lunch and drinks from 09:00 till 14:00. Ninety nine drinks, 65 sandwiches, and 66 snacks were served, by four members. The truck rolled to this training session.

April 21 15:30 Kitchener P1 A2 R1 P5 and Car 23 dispatched to a garage fire with exposures at 112 Kehl St. P1 had smoke showing and requested an additional pumper (P6). P1 arrived on scene and had heavy smoke coming from a small detached garage. Fire was knocked down quickly. Four members on scene half an hour served 15 drinks.

April 22, 01:30,  Cambridge A4 P5 A1 R1 A3 and Car 6 dispatched to 11 Drew for a confirmed working fire, called in by Regional Police. A4 arrived on scene first and asked P5 to pick up a hydrant. The single storey bungalow was fully involved. Crews knocked the fire down in 25 minutes. Two members responded, on scene 1.5 hours, served 26 drinks and 53 snacks, damaged was pegged at $300,000.

 April 24 02:30, Cambridge A4 P5 R1 A1 A3 and Car 6 dispatched to 11 Victoria for a house fire with people trapped. A4 arrived on scene first reporting fully involved outside covered stairway, with heavy fire on second floor. Firefighters had two people to remove, one from the roof and one from a window. Once the two tenants were removed, lines were pulled to work the fire. P5 picked up a hydrant for A4. Once the fire was knocked down on the covered out side stairs, crews moved up to work the fire on the second floor. Firefighters were quickly pulled from the building when one of the firefighters went partially through the stairs. A1 was set up to use their deluge. Fire broke through the roof, and A3 was also set up as a second aerial. This was a stubborn fire. The fire was eventually knocked down by 05:00. This was the third fire at the residence this year, the previous two being arson. The OFM, Cambridge FPO and Regional detectives are looking for the cause of this suspicious fire. Four members on scene 3.5 hours, served 83 drinks, 124 snacks and 25 McMuffins.


 May 1 11:45, Kitchener P4 A4 R1 P6 and Car 23 dispatched to Kuntz Electroplating, 815 Wilson Ave for a fire in the welding shop that had got into the ventilation system. Kuntz has an in house fire crew who were working on the fire before KFD arrived. Once on scene P1 and Haz Mat 1 were requested to the scene. Firefighters chased the fire through the plant for an hour. One member responded and served 29 drinks.

 May 2 14:30, Waterloo P1 A1 P3 and Car 23 dispatched to 316 King St N for a structure fire. As Car 23 pulled out of the station dispatch advised that they had seven 911 calls for the fire. Car 23 could see a large loom up and asked for P2 as the third pumper. Car 23 arrived on scene and reported they had a major fire, could not tell if it was into the building due to the heavy fire and smoke beside the 20 story apartment building which was under construction. A portable gas/propane fired lift was fully involved as was construction material on the ground. A1 and P2 both picked up hydrants and set up their aerials. A1 reported they didn’t think the fire had extended into the building. P1 hooked a 4” line from A1 to their truck and pulled a 2.5 inch line to the front of the building. Crews knocked the fire down quickly and had all the spot fires out in 25 minutes. Damage set at $130,000. Three members on scene for one hour, served 26 drinks and 14 snack items. 

May 7 12:20, Conestogo was dispatched for a grass fire on Snyders Flats Road. A Conestogo officer arrived on scene first and reported a large grass fire well off the road. He requested tankers from Breslau and Maryhill. Woolwhich chief upgraded the request to a full response from Maryhill and the Breslau pumper tanker. Box 690 was requested by command shortly after arrival. Portable pumps and hose lines were driven by four wheel drive vehicles back into the scene. Two pumps were set up and lines stretched to fight the large grass fire. The fire was brought under control 40 minutes after arrival, over haul wetting the area done took another hour. Two members on scene, served 67 drinks and 56 snacks.

 May 11 14:20, Cambridge A1 R1 A3 P5 A4 and Car 6 dispatched to 709 Mortimer Dr for a house fire. A1 arrived on scene first and reported a working fire. A3 picked up the hydrant and crews pulled two 1.5” and on 2.5” line on the fire. The fire started in the kitchen and spread to the attic. The fire was knocked down in 25 minutes, with over haul taking another hour. The truck rolled on the call with three members on scene 1.5 hours, served 50 drinks and 48 snacks.

 May 20 16:20, Waterloo P1 A1 P3 and Car 23 dispatched to 400 Albert St for an apartment fire. P2 was requested enroute to the call. P3 arrived on scene with light smoke showing from the unit. Firefighters pulled one line and quickly knocked down the bathroom fire. Two members on scene half an hour, served 16 drinks and five snacks.

 May 25 2:05, Cambridge A33 (spare) A3 R1 P5 P2 Car 6 dispatched to 1339 Industrial Road for a structure fire. A33 arrived on scene first and reported fully involved business. A3 picked up the hydrant and two 1.75” and one 2.5” line was stretched to work the fire. The fire was knocked down in 20 minutes, over haul was another 30 minutes. The fire was deemed suspicious, Regional Police brought in their tracking dog to search the areaThree members on scene 1.5 hours, served 28 drinks, 48 snacks.

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