Updates – July 21 to September 2, 2013

July 21 02:00, Waterloo P1 P12 P3 and Car 23 dispatched to 104 Weber St W, Benny’s Restaurant for a structure fire. P1 pulled out of the hall and reported smoke and fire showing. The restaurant is a block from station one. P1 picked up a hydrant across the street and pulled two 1.75” and a 2.5” line into the building. P2 was added to the call in case an aerial was needed as A1 was out of service. P2 picked up a second hydrant and pulled into the parking lot beside the building. They set up their aerial and ran a hand line up to the tip to get access to the peak of the roof. The fire was knocked down in 25 minutes, with extensive water and smoke damage to the building. Four members on scene 1.5 hours, served 30 drinks and 17 snacks.

July 26 15:30, New Hamburg was toned out for a possible house fire at 1749 Walkers Road. New Hamburg requested a full response from Baden while enroute to the call. Once on scene crews had smoke showing from the attic. An over heated fan in the attic set some insulation on fire. Baden was returned shortly after arrival. New Hamburg extinguished the fire quickly and stood by for a restoration company to come in and remove the cellulose insulation. Two members dropped by to check with crews on this hot muggy day, left 15 cold drinks 

July 27 03:00, Kitchener P2 A2 P3 R1 and Car 23 dispatched to 18 Inge Court for a house fire. P2 arrived on scene and reported a working fire. A2 picked up the hydrant and two lines were pulled into the two story semi. Fires had been lit throughout the house by the tenant who was arrested on scene and taken Grand River Hospital for a psychiatric evaluation. The fire was knocked down quickly. Four members on scene one hour, served 21 drinks and eight snacks.

August 1 17:30, Kitchener P4 P5 A2 R1 and Car 23 dispatched to the old Boehmer Box plant on Breithaupt St for smoke in the building. P4 arrived on scene and reported heavy smoke on the first floor. P3 was added to the call as the RIT pumper. Fire was located under the first floor. A 2.5” and two 1.5” lines were pulled into the building. Crews had to crawl through a three foot high crawl space to get at the fire. The fire was knocked down in ten minutes, but extensive overhaul took another hour. Three members on scene 1.5 hours served 51 drinks, 30 snacks and picked up two pizzas.

August 6 05:23Baden dispatched for a barn fire at 2161 Erbs Road. New Dundee was requested as the second station when Baden came on the air. Once on scene a 40 x 40 hay storage barn was fully involved with a 150 x 50 cattle barn 30 feet away on the E1 side and a 125 x 40 storage/maintenance shed 20 feet away on the E4 side. Port a tanks were set up and the three tankers shuttled water to the fire. This was the first fire where Baden ran two tankers from their hall. New Dundee put a new 2500 gallon tanker in service last month, and their old tanker was moved to Baden. Firefighters were on scene for a few hours as a back hoe was used to pull the hay apart. Three members on scene three hours, served 35 drinks and 52 snacks.

 August 7 23:00 CFD platoon chief asked dispatch to call Box 690 to see if we could take some drinks out to Side Road 20 in Wellington County which is outside of our coverage area. Puslinch and Cambridge fire fighters had been out since 20:00 working on a train engine fire and numerous railway tie fires. After conferring with Car 6 on the radio, one member responded with cold drinks, leaving a cooler full of water and Gatorade. Firefighters used 28 drinks at the fire.

August 16 11:30, Kitchener P4 A4 and P6 were dispatched to 815 Wilson Ave for a garbage truck fire. P4 arrived on scene first reporting fire showing from the top of the truck. The driver advised he was full of corrugated boxes. P6 picked up a hydrant while P4 stretched two lines. The load was dumped on the road and firefighters went to work extinguishing the fire. The fire was knocked down in minutes, but had to be pulled apart to get at all the hot spots. The fire was totally extinguished in 25 minutes. One member on scene one hour, served 22 drinks and 11 snacks.

August 18 16:15, Kitchener P2 A2 P5 R1 and Car 23 dispatched to 17 Esson Ave for a possible house fire. P2 arrived on scene with heavy smoke showing and picked up a hydrant. P1 was added to the working fire as the RIT pumper. Two 1.5” lines were pulled into the small story and a half home. Crews had heavy fire at the rear of the first floor. The fire was knocked down in 10 minutes, overhaul took another half an hour. Three members on scene 1.5 hours, served 60 drinks and 28 snacks. Photo P1120976 attached.


August 20 14:15, New Dundee dispatched to a mill fire at 1153 Mannheim Rd. Baden was requested enroute for a full turnout. Once on scene command reported the tower of an old mill was fully involved at the roof. NewHamburg aerial, tanker, and rescue were requested to respond. New Dundee set up in the lane way. Four 1.5” lines were pulled from the pumper as well as a four inch line to the aerial.  Baden’s pumper set up on the road for tanker operations and relay pumped to New Dundee’s pumper. Firefighters had to contend with two 500 gallon fuel tanks located near the structure. New Hamburg’s aerial was set up near the structure. At this point command requested Kitchener’s tanker to the scene to augment water supply for the aerial. This was the first fire that Kitchener’s new KME tanker was used at a fire. Water was taken from a hydrant about mile up the road at Witmer Road. The aerial was very effective in knocking the fire down, approximately 25 minutes after being set up. New Dundee remained on scene to well into the evening when a back hoe was brought in to pull the structure down. Four members on scene three hours, served 93 drinks and 102 snacks.


 September 2 01:55, St Jacobs dispatched for an alarm ringing at the St Jacobs Farmers Market at 878 Weber St N. Firefighters could see a glow from the hall which was two miles north of the structure and knew they had a serious fire. Conestogo, Elmira, and Floradale were requested to respond. St Jacobs’s pumper arrived on scene to a fully involved 150 x 300’, 2.5 storey all wood building, with very serious exposure problems. The building was already lost on arrival, so the strategy was to protect the stock yards located 50 feet from the E4 side of the fire. The Google shot below shows the Market building with the dark roof which is in the upper left hand side of the photo. Multiple hydrants and lots of 2.5” lines and deck guns were used. Elmira’s aerial was set up and used very effectively near the E1 E4 corner. There were numerous collapses over the next couple of hours. The all wood building had no sprinklers, was full of furniture, quilts, and many small shops with flammable goods for sale. There were no fire walls in the building, it was open from one end to the other. The fire was under control in two hours. All that was left was a few wood beams that were still standing. Two members on scene five hours, served 198 drinks, 247 snack items, and 55 burgers.  For photos of this fire go to www.waterlooregionfire.com

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