November and December Updates

November 5 Conestoga College’s Firefighting Program annual house burn was on Lichty Road near Linwood. Box 690 supplies lunch and drinks for the 30 students and numerous firefighters and instructors on scene. The following trucks were at the training exercise, Wellesley aerial, tanker, Linwood tanker, rescue, St Clements tanker, and Elmira’s old P2. Eight port a tanks were set up to supply water for the burn. Water was shuttled from the feed mill reservoir in Linwood. Five members on scene with truck for six hours, served 79 cold drinks, 85 snacks and 72 sandwiches. Photos can be scene at click on Gary Dinkel to view photos.

 November 7 18:00, Cambridge A1 P2 R1 Haz Mat R1 and Car 6 dispatched to 234 Kerwood Drive for a suspicious package. Crews were on stand by awaiting a team of police officers from Toronto trained for this type of call. Box 690 was paged out to supply food and drinks at 21:20. Two members responded, picked up 20 coffee’s four hot chocolate, six large pizzas’s and served 11 cold drinks and 55 snack items. On scene one hour.

  November 11 1:15, Kitchener P2 A2 P3 R1 and Car 23 dispatched for a fire at 21 Weber St W. P2 arrived on scene and reported smoke showing. P1 and P5 were added to the call at this time. P2 caught a hydrant and pulled two lines into the restaurant. P1 picked up a second hydrant on Ontario St and set up their aerial. The fire in the restaurant was knocked down quickly. The Ontario Fire Marshall was called in to investigate the suspicious fire, damage pegged at $150,000. Two members on scene one hour, served 23 drinks and 17 snacks.

  November 13 7:30, Kitchener P2 A2 P3 R1 Car 23 dispatched for a house fire at 123 Duke St E. A2 was at 21 Weber St W for fire watch (two blocks from scene), and was first on scene reporting heavy smoke and fire showing from a large two and a half storey house. P5 was added as the RIT pumper, P2 picked up a hydrant near Scott St, while P3 picked up at hydrant from the other end of Duke near Eby St. Numerous lines were pulled front and back. The house has been under renovations for over a year. There was heavy fire on the main floor with extension to the second floor. Initial firefighting was defensive for the first 15 minutes. Once the bulk of the fire was knocked down crews went inside and worked on chasing the fire throughout the house. The fire was declared out four hours after arrival. Firefighters had a lot of overhaul on this call. Three members and the truck on scene seven hours, served 46 cold drinks, 40 coffee, 30 Egg McMuffins, and 50 snacks. Photos can be viewed at

 November 14 21:00, Cambridge A1 P2 A3 P5 R1 and Car 6 dispatched for a fire on Eagle St near Witmer. The caller reported the roof was on fire of a large warehouse. A3 arrived on scene first and reported nothing visible from the front. Car 6 reported heavy fire showing on the E4 roof of the building as he was coming down Eagle St. A3 pulled around to the E4 of the building which measured approximately 1,000 by 300’ and caught a yard hydrant. A1 came in from the east side of the structure and picked up a second hydrant and set up their aerial near the middle of the building. P5 was instructed to pick up a third hydrant at the front of the building and pull a line to the roof. Lines were pulled inside the warehouse and to the roof. Firefighters worked for an hour to knock the fire down. Roof work was being done in the area of the fire. Crews had to open up the roof and parts of a wall to fully extinguish the fire. Four members and the truck on scene three hours, served 48 hot and cold drinks and 55 snack items.

 November 24 21:05, Cambridge A1 A3 P2 P5 R1 and Car 6 dispatched to 1268 Hamilton St for a house fire. A3 arrived on scene and reported heavy smoke and fire showing on the main floor of a large two storey home. A1 picked up a hydrant for A3. Numerous 1.75” and 2.5” lines were pulled to fight the fire. The initial attack team from A3 reported they had fire coming through the floor at the rear of the house and suspected they had a basement fire. Command pulled all crews out at this point. Lines were placed in windows to knock the fire down. A4 was added to the call, off duty firefighters were called in to staff a spare aerial. Firefighters had lines in operation on the main floor, and second floor from a balcony and ladder. Once firefighters knocked down the heavy fire, they entered the structure to chase fires in the walls. Lots of heavy overhaul at this fire. Five members and truck on scene three hours, served 69 hot and cold drinks, and 74 snacks. Damage was pegged at $300,000, the basement tenant was charged with arson. The fire was set in the basement.

 November 26 3:45, Cambridge A1 P2 A3 P5 R1 and Car 6 dispatched for a warehouse fire at 950 Industrial Road. A1 arrived on scene with smoke showing from a 300 x 100’ manufacturing building. P5 picked up a hydrant on Industrial and laid in approximately 800’ to A1. The fire was in a wall, started by a spark from a grinding machine. Firefighters pulled two lines from A1 and set up the platform. Crews had to pull the siding off the wall and part of the roof to extinguish the fire. The fire was declared out after two hours of heavy overhaul. Three members on scene three hours, served 49 hot and cold drinks and 30 snacks.

 December 3 22:30, Kitchener P2 A2 P5 R1 Car 23 dispatched to 350 Weber St W. for a house fire. Dispatch updated responding crews that a lady was trapped upstairs. P3 was added to the call on this report. P2 arrived on scene, reported smoke and fire visible on the main floor of a 1.5 storey house. P2 captain started his 360 and immediately reported a woman was calling for help from a second floor window. P2 firefighters were able to rescue the occupant with a ground ladder. A2 picked up the hydrant, fire was on the main floor of the house which was divided into three apartments. The fire was knocked down quickly, damage was set at $200,000, victim was transported to hospital with smoke inhalation. Four members on scene two hours, served 28 drinks.

 December 5 21:45, Kitchener P3 P4 A4 R1 and Car 23 dispatched to 75 Old Chicopee for a town house fire. P3 arrived on scene and reported light smoke showing from the rear of the unit which backed on to Old Chicopee. Tank 1 (running in place of P1) was added as the RIT pumper. P4 picked up a hydrant, firefighters pulled a 2.5” line from P3 through the walkway to the middle of the complex. The bottom two floor units enter their townhouses off Old Chicopee while the two floor units enter from the court. The 2.5’” line was split into two attack lines. Once the lines were charged, A4 was instructed to take out the kitchen window, see photo. Crews entered and quickly knocked the fire down. Damage was pegged at $150,000, cause was an unattended pot on stove. Five members on scene for 30 minutes, served 19 drinks.


 December 14 22:00, Linwood was dispatched on Mutual Aid to assist Drayton and Moorefield at a barn fire on Wellington Township Road 11. Box 690 was paged to bring hot drinks to the Linwood crews who were filling tankers. One member was in Elmiraat the time of the call, and due to blowing snow and poor driving, had members stand by in Kitchener. Coffee and Hot Chocolate was picked up and he headed to the call, about 25 minutes away on a good day. Linwood was cleared from the call when a water source was found close to the fire. Linwood cancelled our response at this point. The 35 hot drinks and two dozen donuts were taken to the scene. Drayton firefighters had called back to their base requesting coffee be made and brought to the scene. They were happy to have some warm drinks on this cold night. One member on scene half an hour.

 December 26 17:45, New Hamburg paged for a report of a five year old boy fallen into the Nith River. This was a cold snowy night. New Hamburg arrived on scene and confirmed with police that were was fresh foot prints from the house to the river. Badenwas requested for additional manpower, as well as Kitchener Rescue (water suits and inflatable dingy) and Cambridge’s air boat. Emergency personnel scoured the banks of the river. Kitchener firefighters went in the water with pike polls searching for the missing boy. Sadly the boy could not be found. Crews searched till midnight, and were back on the river again next day searching. OPP divers were also brought in but could not find little boy. Six members and truck on scene, set up in the community center and took drinks out to crews. Box 690 served 93 cold drinks, 94 hot drinks, 48 hot dogs, and 191 snacks.


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