February, March and early April 2014 updates

February 13 1:40, Cambridge A1 R1 P5 Car 6 Haz Mat dispatched for a gas leak at 929 Elgin St. A1 arrived and confirmed a serious leak outside the residence. Crews blocked both ends of the street and checked for gas inside the homes. Heavy equipment had to be brought in to dig down to the leak to seal it. Command paged Box 690 for rehab at 2:40. One member responded, on scene one hour, served 24 hot drinks and 61 snacks.

February 14 19:30, Kitchener P3 P4 A4 R1 and Car 23 dispatched for a house fire on the corner of Lorraine and Heritage. A passing car saw smoke coming from the garage and alerted the home owner who didn’t know his house was on fire. P3 arrived on scene and reported a fully involved two bay garage with possible extension into the house. P4 picked up a hydrant, and P2 was added to the call. Two attack lines were pulled from P3 and one from P4. The fire extended into the basement behind the garage and up above into the family room. The fire was knocked down in 30 minutes, damage set at $300,000. Five members and the truck on scene 1.5 hours, served 54 hot and cold drinks, and 60 snacks. Photos can be viewed at www.firescenes.net

February 24 13:56, Linwood and Wellesley dispatched for a barn fire at 5690 Schummer Line. Linwood arrived on scene first reporting heavy smoke showing from a large barn. Wellesley chief requested tankers from Milverton (Perth County). A four inch line was laid in the long lane way into the farm. Wellesley pumper set up on the road and drafted from two port a tanks. Crews pulled multiple lines into the barn to attack the fire. St Clements tanker was added to call. Firefighters were able to knock down the fire after 45 minutes of slugging.  The fire started on the second floor and extended up. Milverton was released and the balance of St Clements was requested to the scene. Two members on scene two hours, served 41 hot and cold drinks, 22 snacks and a dozen donuts.

 February 24 16:50, Linwood command requested Box 690 back to the scene. After confirming with command what they needed, the truck was rolled to the scene with two members. Firefighters were rotated from rehab into the barn to shovel out a large quantity of hay. Firefighters were on air the whole time due to smoke conditions in the barn. Overhaul took four hours of heavy work. Box 690was on scene three hours, served 49 hot and cold drinks, and 15 snacks, and also enjoyed sharing the eight extra large pizza’s that were brought to the scene.

February 27 served dinner at the Mutual Aid meeting in Cambridge.

March 3 11:50, full response from Maryhill and Conestogo, and St Jacobs tanker dispatched for a house fire at 1364 Durant Road. Maryhill pumper reported smoke showing while responding. Breslau’s pumper tanker was added as fourth tanker. Maryhill arrived on scene to a fully involved century old two storey home. Multiple lines pulled around the house, and two port a tanks were set up. Water was shuttled from the Breslau fire hall. The rear car port collapsed 20 minutes into the call. All firefighting was defensive for the first four hours. The house was originally built in 1888 and had a steel roof which hampered firefighting. This was another very cold day, temperature was -10F with a stiff west wind and dropped as the sun set. Fire was declared out at 18:00. An electrical short was the cause of the $300,000 fire. Three members and the truck on scene seven hours, served 176 hot and cold drinks, 84 hot dogs, 11 chili, and 133 snacks. Photos can be viewed at www.firescenes.net

  March 12 18:10 full response from New Dundee and Baden dispatched to 1856 Bleams Road for a corn dryer fire. Firefighters are very familiar with this farm having been there multiple times for dryer fires and two barn fires over the years. New Hamburg aerial and tanker were requested enroute to the call. New Dundee arrived and reported smoke coming from the dryer. One of our members was heading home from work and was close to the fire so stopped by. The fire was knocked down quickly and he headed home. Shortly after command requested Box 690 respond with some warm drinks. The member picked up 20 coffees and headed back to the call, on scene half hour.

March 13 10:30, Cambridge A1 A3 P5 P2 R1 Car 6 dispatched to 1360 Fairview Road for a structure fire. A1 reported a thermal column enroute to the call. Once on scene they reported they had a fully involved garage with possible extension into the house. A3 grabbed a hydrant on the way in. Two 1.75” and a 2.5” line was pulled to fight the fire. Initial attack was defensive until the bulk of the heavy fire was knocked down in the garage. Firefighters opened up the roof and found heavy fire in the attic. The fire was knocked down in an hour, with lots of overhaul in walls and the attic. The fire started in the garage, damage was set at $200,000. Two members on scene three hours, served 46 hot and cold drinks and a dozen donuts.

March 27 18:30, New Dundee dispatched to 1160 Puddicome Road for a silo rescue. A 62 year old farm worker was missing and presumed to be in a large silo containing soy beans. Command requested Kitcheners confined space rescue to the scene. Kitchenerresponded with P1 and Haz Mat 1. The silo had to be slowly emptied. The body was recovered after midnight. Two members and truck on scene six hours, served 73 hot and cold drinks, 24 hot dogs and 65 snacks.

March 31 1:43, Cambridge A1 A3 P2 P5 R1 and Car 6 dispatched to 1001 Langs Drive for a structure fire. The former roller rink was now being used as a discount business and housed furniture and electronics. A1 arrived on scene and reported heavy smoke coming from the large one storey building. They called their side of the building Alpha side, and picked up a hydrant on the way in.A1 firefighters set up the aerial and pulled two attack lines into the building. A3 caught a second hydrant and pulled a line in the front door but never charged it (Bravo side). P5 caught a third hydrant and pulled two lines in the Charlie side of the business. The building’s sprinklers were activated and was heavily charged with smoke. Firefighters had a terrible time moving hoses around inside the building looking for the seat of the fire. There were concerns the fire could be in the roof and firefighters were advised to proceed with extreme caution. After 30 minutes of searching for the seat of the fire, firefighters found the main fire in the middle of the building. Lines had to be extended and stock pulled apart. A4 was added to the call at this time, and one crew was called in to staff A44 to cover the city. Firefighters worked the next couple of hours in very tough conditions. There was six inches of water on the floor, and it was extremely tough to clear the smoke from the building. Hot spots were found in a couple of locations. At 4:15dispatch asked if any units could be freed up from the scene to respond to Darren Cres for a house fire. A4, R1 Car 1 responded fromLangs Drive and A44 responded from station 4 along with one of our members. A1 was instructed to break down and also respond. A4 arrived on scene first and reported smoke showing from a window on the second floor. One attack line was pulled into the house and the hydrant across from the truck was hooked up and charged. Crews made quick work of the bedroom fire. The tenant claimed hair spray on the curtains started the fire, damage was set at $100,000. OFM and CFD inspectors are investigating the cause. Meanwhile back at the first fire, firefighters were still working on hot spots. A1 returned to the fire to assist with the extensive overhaul. Crews rotated from the fire to rehab. The fire was declared out at 7:30. Three members and truck on scene six hours, served 78 hot and cold drinks and 74 snacks. OFM and CFD fire prevention officers investigated the cause. Damage will likely exceed $500,000. This is the first house fire Car 1 Chief Bill Chesney has taken command of in many years. Bill is retiring next month after 37 years of service.

2014 March 31 1001 langs dr Cambridge 002 

April 4 14:15 Wellesley and Baden dispatched to 5431 Wilmot East Hope Road for a shed fire. Wellesley covers this area of Wilmot first call. Wellesley P1 arrived on scene reported a large shed on fire with a serious exposure, a barn six feet away. Two attack lines and a 2.5” line were pulled to work the fire and for exposure protection. Baden requested New Hamburg tanker and rescue for water and manpower after hearing this report. Milverton arrived on scene with two tankers, followed shortly by trucks from Shakespeare. It was determined that the fire was on the Wilmot Township side of the road and Perth units were released from the scene. The fire burned through the roof, but crews were able to protect the exposure. Water was shuttled from a river just up the road and from a hydrant near Wellesley. The fire was knocked down in two hours. Two members on scene two hours, served 55 hot and cold drinks, dozen donuts and 62 snack items. Photos at www.waterlooregionfire.com

FYI Kitchener has ordered a new 75’ quint from Pierce to replace P1.

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