January 2014 Updates

January 1 12:00Breslau and Maryhill dispatched to 428 Menno St for a chimney fire. Maryhill 302 arrived on scene first reporting heavy smoke showing from rear of the large two storey house. A quick 360 revealed fire showing in the outside wall at the rear of the building. 302 asked dispatch to kick out a full response from Conestogo. Breslau P1 pulled in the driveway and set up their port a tank, and pulled two lines to the rear of the house. Crews quickly knocked down the fire in the wall and attic. Conestogo staged out front but were released 10 minutes after arriving. Firefighters had to pull the siding off the outside wall and pull down the ceiling in the bedroom to get to hot spots. Three members on scene 2.5 hours, served 10 cold drinks and 20 coffees. Photos atwww.waterlooregionfire.com


 January 11 1:00, New Hamburg dispatched for a house fire at 33 Waterloo St. Firefighters responding to the hall had to pass the fully involved house so they knew they were in for a long night. Baden was requested as soon as the first New Hamburg truck came on the air. Pump 31 picked up a hydrant and requested Baden P1 pick up a hydrant from the other end of the street. Fire was through the roof and venting out every window in the large two storey home. Multiple 2.5 and 1.75” lines were pulled from both pumpers. Neighbors reported hearing an explosion just prior to the fire. The owners of the home were in Ottawa for the weekend. The house was totally destroyed with only one wall still standing. The Ontario Fire Marshall has listed the cause as arson, damage was pegged at $400,000. Three members and truck on scene 4.5 hours, served 103 hot and cold drinks, and 65 snack items.  Photos from the fire are on www.firescenes.net

January 21 22:00, Kitchener P4 A4 P3 R1 and Car 23 dispatched to the house next door from 172 Veronica. The homeowner reported flames impinging on her house from next door. While crews were responding Car 23 asked dispatch if there had been anymore calls or updates on the fire? Dispatch advised they had only had the one call. P4 turned onto River Road and reported a thermal column. P1 was added to the call as the RIT pumper at this time. Once on scene P4 reported a working fire, flames visible and heavy smoke conditions. P4 picked up a hydrant from one end of the street while P3 picked up a second hydrant from the other end. Multiple 1.5” and 2.5” lines were pulled to fight the fire. P4 could not get to the back yard due to a six foot high fence on either side of the house. They asked R1 to complete the task as they pulled the first line in the front door. This was a very cold night, temperature was -22 F with the wind chill. Crews were only able to advance five feet in the front door before backing out less than two minutes later due to untenable conditions. R1 was able to access the rear and reported they had a tenant in a hot tub covered in soot. The male was escorted out to be checked by paramedics and later taken to hospital by police for a psychiatric examination. Once the bulk of the heavy fire was knocked down, firefighters went inside to extinguish the balance of the fire. The fire extended into the attic and eventually burned through a small portion of the roof on the E2 side of the house. The fire was declared under control at 23:15. There was a lot of overhaul at the call. P2 and P7 were dispatched to the fire just before midnight to replace very cold crews. Damage was set at $400,000. Box 690 had three members and the truck on scene, served 57 hot and cold drinks and 55 snack items. Photos from the fire are on www.firescenes.net

January 23 Box 690 served the dinner for the monthly Mutual Aid meeting held at the Baden fire hall.

January 28 0:05, New Hamburg dispatched for a house fire at 343 Huron Road. New Hamburg requested a full response fromBaden enroute to the call. This was another very cold night with temperature dropping to -35F. New Hamburg arrived on scene reported a large two storey, century old house under renovation fully involved. Port a tanks were set up and New Dundee’s tanker was added to the call. New Hamburg’s aerial was set up as well as numerous hand lands from P31, defensive attack from start. Pumpers had to be rotated as they froze up over the next couple of hours. Pumpers would return to hall, thaw out and return to the scene. Damage was pegged at $400,000, OFM called in but could not determine a cause. Two members and truck on scene 1.5 hours, served 53 hot and cold drinks and 115 snack items. Photos at www.waterlooregionfire.com

January 29 4:00Ayr dispatched for a house fire on Industrial Road. Dispatch advised responding units that the occupants were out of the house and there was heavy fire on the main floor. Ayr Car 2 requested New Dundee and Box 690 respond before arriving on scene. The temperature was -38 F with the wind chill. Car 2 arrived on scene reporting a large single family bungalow, heavy fire showing. P4 pulled into the driveway and pulled two lines. P1 set up port a tanks on the road and relay pumped to P4. New Dundee P21 set up a reservoir up the road to fill tankers. Cambridge’s tanker was also requested to supplement water. Crews pulled a line in the front and rear of the house. The fire extended into the shake roof and crews were pulled out. Command requested Kitchener’s tanker to the scene. P1 froze up at this time and returned to hall. Cambridge’s tanker was used to relay pump until portable pumps could be set up. Tankers were also freezing up and had to be filled from the top as inlets were frozen. Kitchener’s mechanical division sent a mechanic to the scene to assist with the frozen trucks and portable pumps. In consultation with command, Kitchener P5 was requested to the scene. It was set up on the road and relay pumped to P4 for four hours without any problems. The fire was declared under control by 11:30Ayr crews remained on scene into the evening. Damage was set at $700,000. The home owner was awakened by smoke detectors, got his family out, and ran barefooted to his neighbors more than three quarters of a mile away. He suffered severe frost bite to both feet. Four members and the truck on scene nine hours, served 156 hot and cold drinks, 55 Egg McMuffins, 25 Chili, and 148 snacks. Photos from the fire are on www.firescenes.net

January 29 19:16, New Hamburg dispatched to the New Hamburg Cleaners 157 Peel St. for a structure fire. New Hamburg 301 reported the building was fully involved on his way to the hall and requested a full turnout from Baden. Unit 39 was set up in the parking lot front of the building and set up their aerial. P31 was set up on the road, pulled two 2.5” lines and two 1.5” lines. Badenpump 2 relay pumped from a hydrant to P31. Baden P1 caught a hydrant in the parking lot beside the cleaners and pulled two 2.5” lines. New Dundee’s pumper was dispatched to Baden hall for cover off, but was rerouted to the scene. P21 was set up on Jacob Street and pulled two 2.5” lines into the rear of the building. This was the second fire in two days for Wilmot crews, weather was still a factor with the temperature at -12 F. The fire was brought under control by 23:00. OFM called in and could not find a cause for the fire, damage was set at $1,000,000. Five members and the truck on scene four hours, served 40 cold drinks, 25 hot chocolate, and 102 snacks. Local businesses brought coffee to the scene. Photos from the fire are on www.firescenes.net andwww.waterlooregionfire.com


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