Box 690 Year End Report 2013

Box 690 responded to 91 incidents this year, 16 fewer calls than 2012. The busiest department was Kitchener with 30 calls, the Townships of North Dumfries, Wilmot, Wellesley, and Woolwich with 22 incidents, Cambridge with 19, and City of Waterloo with 15. Box 690 served 8,788 drinks and food items for the year.

The most challenging call of the year was the March 25, in Woolwich Township. Conestogo, Maryhill, and St Jacobs were dispatched to a possible fire at 1626 Cox Creek. Firefighters arrived to two fully involved barns, a fully involved work shop, and dozens of vehicles on fire. Firefighters consumed 515 drinks and snack items at the fire.

The second largest fire was also the largest dollar loss fire in the Region this year at the St Jacobs Farmers market September 2. Firefighters from St Jacobs, Conestogo, Elmira, and Floradale were able to protect the stock yard barns and other exposures. Crews consumed 500 drinks and snack items at the fire.

The third largest fire was the tragic loss of life barn fire at 1636 Lobsinger Line July 12. St Jacobs, Conestogo, Elmira, and Floradale firefighters responded to the early evening call. Crews consumed 325 drinks and snack items that evening, and another 166 items on Saturday when Box 690 dropped off additional supplies.

The King of the Hot Dogs was Woolwich firefighters at the Cox Creek barn fire. Firefighters from three stations consumed 48 hot dogs.

A big thank you goes out to Kitchener Fire Department, and the Kitchener mechanics for maintaining our truck. Thanks also to Cambridge Fire for support and fueling the truck when in Cambridge.

 2013 marks the second straight year that calls decreased.

Stay safe, and let’s keep the trend of fewer fires going.

One Thought on “Box 690 Year End Report 2013

  1. James Snyder on February 15, 2015 at 5:54 am said:

    was just searching on google and found this little story about the fire, I lost all my toys(first family LOL) in this fire, and am still cleaning up the area, new barn is built and in use. I moved away from the area in summer 2014

    the local Mennonite community was very supportive of my dad and there assistance with cleanup and rebuilding was much appreciated. other family and friends also helped.

    it helped lighten the load.

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