2012 Year End Report

Box 690 Year End Report – 2012

 Box 690 responded to 107 incidents this year, 33 fewer calls than 2011. The busiest department was Kitchener with 44 calls, the Townships of North Dumfries, Wilmot, Wellesley, and Woolwich with 24 incidents, Cambridge with 26, and City of Waterloo with 13. Box 690 served 10,229 drinks and food items for the year.

The most challenging call of the year was the 17 July 2012 at 2936 Arthur St. North, just north of Elmira. Box 690 members were at Station 5 in Kitchener restocking supplies from a call in Petersburg when Floradale, Elmira, Conestogo and St Jacobs were toned out for a wood shop fire at 1020h. Floradale firefighters reported heavy smoke showing from the hall. This was the hottest day ever recorded on this date. The building was fully involved on arrival. The fire had spread to two 54’ trailers, piles of lumber on the E4 side of the building, and a large storage shed full of wood to the rear of the structure. More than 60 firefighters were on scene battling the fire in the heat of the day. Box 690 responded initially with three members. We were very fortunate to have the assistance of the Floradale FD Ladies Auxiliary at this fire. Box 690 was on scene for eight hours and served 1,278 food and drink items on the day. This was by far the largest call we have had in our 24 years.

The second largest fire of the year was 25 January 2012 at 20 Albert St. in St. Jacobs at the KalCare Polishing plant. Elmira and Conestogo fire fighters were on scene with full turnouts to assist at this fire. The call was dispatched at 1630h. Box 690 fired up the chili dogs for this call. The biggest question firefighters kept asking was, “Have we set the hot dog record yet?” We were instructed to keep putting on more hot dogs, and sausages, the record was going to fall this night. The record was set; 125 hot dogs and sausages were consumed, along with 367 drinks and snacks.

The third largest fire was 08 April 2012 at 1459 Edworthy Side Road. Four Cambridge Stations along with Ayr were dispatched for a fire at a lumber mill. Crews arrived to a well involved fire which had spread to a second structure and was threatening several others. New Dundee was called on Mutual Aid. Crews worked for hours to contain this fire and were able to save a number of buildings before the main fire was knocked down. Firefighters consumed 434 food and drink items at this large fire.

A big thank you goes out to Kitchener Fire Department, and the Kitchener mechanics for maintaining our truck. Thanks also to Cambridge Fire for support and fueling the truck when in Cambridge.

2012 had fewer calls than the previous year, but more large fires.  Box 690 served over 10,000 food and drinks for the second straight year.

Stay safe, and let’s keep the trend of fewer fires going.

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